Teenage Handbook

It has everything for a girl, if your tomboy, girly girl, or both. After you read this you will be caught up with every other girl.


6. Truth or Dare

During lunch, my friends and I normally like to play Truth or Dare.

Here are a few truths and dares for those who like to add that extra spice. If you don't like anything that has to do with sexual harassment... I suggest you skip this chapter right now :P. JK. But warning it might be a little out there! I will rate then by mild, dirty, and sexy



Mild- If you were lesbian, which of your (girl) friends would you kiss?

Dirty- Would you rather have sex with two guy of your choice for 1 hour in public each or have sex with five people your friends choose for 20 minutes each in private?

Sexy- At what age would you like to have oral sex and who with?

Mild- What guy do you like?

Dirty- Tell us a story of a date that leads up to sex. Remember to tell your story in major detail.

Sexy- Explain in MAJOR detail what oral sex is.



Mild- Go sit on your crush's lap and say, "Santa Clause, can I have a pony for Christmas?"

Dirty- Go kiss any girl of your choice that isn't playing on the forehead for 2 seconds, and person (who isn't playing) has to see.

Sexy- Go to any boy of your choice and flash him for 5 seconds.

Mild- Go and admit your love to your crush.

Dirty- Take a spoon and two round objects and place them at the round part of the spoon. Go up to any two or more people and hold it near your V and shake it around and say, "Hey, look what I grew!"

Sexy- Go to any boy of your choice and look like your ready to have sex with him. Turn him on: take your shirt up to your bra, then lick his hand, lean in like your are going to kiss him, then slap him, then you have to look like you're going to take your pants and underwear off.


There is more to come!

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