Teenage Handbook

It has everything for a girl, if your tomboy, girly girl, or both. After you read this you will be caught up with every other girl.


9. Izzy

Hi! It is me Izzy!

This is the start of something new! OMG! Ok then... I did not mean to go all High School Musical there! :P

Well... today I went to school had a huge mental breakdown in science class and played an LONG round of Extreme Truth or Dare! Well here we go... hold on tight!


First thing I did was go to science class, since it was early release, I had my classes a little bit changed and mixed around. Well, went I went to science I was so excited because we were going to present Science Fair (I already had presented mine a few days ago). I sat down on the floor like always they started to present, and Mrs. R, our teacher said, "You sit in the first seat, why are you sitting on the floor?" really rudely.

"I always like to sit on the floor." in one of my puppy dog joking voices... if you knew me you would get what I mean...

"You sit in the freakin' first seat, sit down in your seat... anyways you need a little boost so you can actually see the presentation." Mrs. R said.

I didn't care if I had to sit in my seat, I just lost it when she was talking about me size, because right after that everyone else started to talk about how short I was, only a few students weren't. Those students were like, "Wow, Mrs. R, that was sort of offensive." So Yeah, I was sort of upset. And whenever I get upset I get a major headache and it stays there for a while!


Then we played an extreme version of Truth or Dare during lunch and on the bus.

We did some of the truths and dares that are in the truth or dare chapter.

Hey, I've gotta go and get ready! MAKEUP TIME! :P (Oh, and by the way there will be a chapter on how to do awesome makeup... scene style makeup... or just regular pretty sassy girl makeup!)

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