Teenage Handbook

It has everything for a girl, if your tomboy, girly girl, or both. After you read this you will be caught up with every other girl.


5. How to be a popular without being a bitch

Hey, it's me Izzy.

I am going to teach you how to become a popular without acting like a bitch.


First off you must have a range of friends. You need to be friends with the "nerds", "jocks", "populars", "boys", "the normal people", "the weird people", etc. Don't just get stuck in a group of friends, have a lot of friends.

Don't immediately want a boyfriend. People think that they will become popular through a boyfriend, but trust me it will just get people to hate you. For most people, a boyfriend changes you into a huge fucking bitch. And if  anyone is rude to you or is trying to tell you want to do/control your life you need to stick up for yourself... you cannot let them boss you around. You can ask any of my friends, I will NOT put up with any snotty nose bitch! LOLX!

(By the way LOLX does NOT mean laugh out loud xylophones)

People like having friends that will stick up with them, be there when they need, and be nice to people.

You also might want to dress with different accesories, something that would pop.

Also you might earn your popularity for something good like a reward. People out to know you then. :)

When you get to the popular stage do not act like a popular bitch in the movie. that can happen really easily... so try to remember it a lot.

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