Teenage Handbook

It has everything for a girl, if your tomboy, girly girl, or both. After you read this you will be caught up with every other girl.


1. Dealing with the 'Pops'


Hey guys, if the chapter had bad words in it, then it was most likely written by Star_of_the_Romans. Also if it's in a different font.


 ~ Pop's (or Populars) are usually bitchy little pricks that hate you for no reason other than not being in their group or rejecting their invitation INTO their group. Sometimes they are even your past best friends, but that only really happens in movies. Every school has a popular group. They usually are cheerleaders (if you go to a regular school) and date either the football players or other jocks.

 Again this is mostly in movies.

 At my school I have a whole freaking group of them. Most of them are all SUPER rude, but a girl named Anna is actually quite nice; which brings me to my next point.


 ~ The one nice popular in the group who isn't that mean, who pities you when her/his friends bully you. This is someone that you can turn against her group. Well.....okay maybe you shouldn't do that cause then her friends will hate you even more, and then they will also hate the person you dragged into the situation (my Anna).


 ~ You might be hated by the Pop's just because you are different and like to be yourself. My school doesn't really have any Pop's, but they are borderline bitchy. My friends and I like standing out and pushing the rules, but they don't like that. SOOO if you have a story about some mean populars doing something to you, please comment so we (BellaMellaMushroom and Star_of_the_Romans {me!}) can put it in a chapter.




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