When Things Begin to Surface


3. Knowing my Secrets

I step away and give a small smile. I feel a mixture of hurt and relieved. Hurt that they don’t recognize and relieved that they don’t. I don’t know if I could go through with the heartache of telling them that I left them and went to live the luxurious life while they lived like this. Alto looks at me with acknowledgement but his gaze doesn’t leave me. He knows. I have to get out of here,


“It was a pleasure to see you Mangus. And it was nice to meet you all.” I give a glare at the woman, telling her that I know what she has done to my boys and will get even. I walk out of the store and the bell hanging on it rings again. I look back and see Alto there, standing on the top step.  He comes down with caution, not knowing what I am going to do. I look at him with curiosity and he hugs me, a long meaningful hug, like he trying to catch up on the years that he missed out on.


“Keep him safe, mom. Please keep him safe… Effie.”


I look at him and he smiles a knowing smile. I smile back and say, “And you stay out of trouble Alleycat. Don’t tell your father or I will come back!”


“I hope you do.” He looks at me one last time and then turns and walk back into the store.


I leave with that smile still plastered on my face. The Mayor’s house is not far and I manage to get there in no time. I ring the doorbell and a girl, about Peeta’s age, answers the door.


“Hello. My name is Eff..” I almost spill my cover. “My name is Sybille Lascius. I am here to see the mayor.”


“Hold on one moment.” She lets me in and I stand in the grand foyer. Not long after I enter, a man walks in, tall and balding. When he looks up at me, he stops dead in his tracks.


“Sybille?” he asks.


I smile and he too breaks down in tears, for I am his sister.


I nod and go to hug him. He takes my hand and leads me into an office and sits me in a chair. He asks me many questions. And I freely answer them.

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