Just My Type

Adriana James is your usual tomboy, she prefers hanging out with boys over girls. But that changes when she's mistaken for being a guy and has to share a room at college with Harry Styles.


1. One

Starting college was supposed to be fun. At least that’s what I thought, but I mean, who doesn’t expect college to be an amazing experience? The best part of it all was to get away from my parents and handle myself on my own for a while, living in a dorm room with another girl. But hey, then again, everybody makes mistakes – even colleges.

My name is Adriana James. Most people call me Ade, and that’s what I prefer too. I’m your usual tomboy, I dislike dresses and makeup, enjoy my longboard and snapbacks. I hang out mostly with guys and that’s because girls are so… complicated, aren’t they?
However, this is how my college experience became hell, at least at first.


“We’re leaving!” My mum shouted from downstairs and I was pulled out of my thoughts, I looked over at my wardrobe which stood half empty with nothing but a big suitcase in front of it. I was really leaving for college…
I looked back once at my room before I then closed the door and carried the suitcase downstairs, meeting mum and dad in the hall along with my younger brother, Tyler.
“Thank god you’re finally leaving.” Tyler sighed before he hugged me tightly.
“Shut up, wanker.” I laughed into his shoulder and then pulled away from the hug, looking at my dad who had tears in his eyes. He never cries.
“Bye you old man.” I hugged him as well and a few minutes later, mum and I sat in the car, and I had a nine hour ride ahead of me.


“Have a wonderful time, baby.” Mum cried into my shoulder before she let go of the way too long hug and then got back in the car, and I walked directly to the main building where I had to check in and get my room key.

“Hi, what’s your name?” The girl by the desk asked and typed something on the computer.
She looked sweet, and awfully young for working… here.
“Adriana James.” I looked around, it was a huge building, I’d been here for a visit before but this time it was more real. I knew where the classes buildings were and the cafeteria, coffee shop and everything so I wasn’t all new.
“You’re in room sixty eight.” She smiled nicely and then handed me a small key with the same number on. I nodded and then she handed me another paper with information on it, “You will receive your schedule on Monday when every new student gather around in the auditorium at twelve noon.” She smiled once again, it must hurt to smile that much.
I nodded and took my things and immediately went to the dorm building and found my room.

When I walked in, the first thing I saw was a mop of curls, lying on one of the two small beds in the little square room.
“Uhm... Sorry?” I raised a brow and took another look at what the number on the door was, 68.
The boy looked up, he was quite attractive if I could be honest, a pair of beautiful green eyes and sharp cheekbones, I could probably cut glass on those for god’s sake.
“You’re probably in the wrong room, babe.” He looked back into his phone. He had a dark voice, not what I was expecting at all.
“I think you’re in the wrong room.” I corrected him and placed my suit case on the floor next to the free bed which wasn’t occupied by a boy at the moment.
He shook his head, still not even looking at me, “I’m sharing with some Adrian dude.”
I furrowed my brows and quickly looked at the information paper that I got, on the first page, which was information about our dorms, it said; Room 68: Adrian James and Harry Styles.
“You’re kidding me.” I exclaimed under my breath, and that’s when the boy – whose name was Harry – looked up at me, “What?”
“I’m Adriana James, but… I think they’ve mistaken me for an Adrian.” I let out a quick laugh. This is not happening; I’m not sharing a dorm with a guy! It doesn’t matter that I get along better with guys, but seriously, I’ll have to share a bathroom with him, sleep in the same room as him and look at that gorgeous face every day... Forget I said that.
“How cozy.” He grins widely and stands up, he was tall. A lot taller than me, and he had a lean body, a pair of grey skinnies on those gorgeous legs and a simple white v-neck, covering a couple tattoo’s on his torso and a few of many on his left arm.
“We’re gonna have to get this fixed.” I stated but Harry just shrugged.
“Why? This could be fun. I’m Harry Styles.” He took his hand out, ready to shake mine.
I laughed again, “I mean… No, but… We should get this fixed, it’s just a simple mistake. And I’m Adriana, but please, call me Ade.” I shook his hand, trying to be nice. Not that I wanted to, I’d love to kick this guy between his legs because this probably isn’t a mistake. What if he planned it? Not sure why he would though.
“Nice to meet you, Ade.” He clenched his jaw, making his cheekbones even sharper.
I sighed, “This can’t be happening, I’m not sharing a room with a…”
“With a dude? Why not? You don’t really seem like a girly one, babe.”
“Don’t call me babe, Harry. And why is that so?” I sat down on my bed, taking my phone out.
Harry did the same but he was still staring at me, “You’re wearing a snapback backwards, a pair of baggy jeans and a hoodie. I reckon we could be friends. This is going to be fun.” I wasn’t looking back at him, but there was a huge smirk on his face.

To: Zayn
r u here yet? apparently im adrian james, sharing room with harry styles

Thank god Zayn is going to be here with me this year…

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