Teresa's your typical everyday barbie. She's pretty and blonde, she is trying to get ride of her past and thinks she can do this by moving away.

She moves from America to England, to a new collage. It's strange that all the teachers are drop dead gorgeous and should all be models or pop stars.

But what happens when she starts falling for one teacher in particular? As well as a student? Will she carry on her barbie years? Or will she experience what it's like to be loved?

Maybe she will just shot her self? Eh? Na, that would be boring.

Anyways read! Because this book should say read on it...only it's not a's a digital device...ah whatever.


1. All about me

Hi, I'm Teresa Shabon. I am what you call, a barbie; I have long blonde hair, perfect body, dangerous brown eyes and I can go out without make up and still be gorgeous. Some girls would say I'm lucky, I say I'm cursed. Being the 'Barbie' I am, people expect things from you...and it ain't to marry Ken.

People think just because of the way you look you have to be a certain thing: If your ugly, a nerd. gorgeous and sexy; a slut.

I thought that as well, I went along with it too. But I have now decided to change my ways. That's why I'm on a plane, on my way to England. Running away, like a coward. Yep, that's me.

I have my earphones in and I'm sat, crunched up in my seat staring out the window. I have some fat old guy sat asleep next to me, his head back and snoring. Gross. I can see the landscape of England below me, it's pretty. I have always wanted to come to England, never liked America much.

After hours of flying the at hostess finally announces that we will be landing shortly. I take my earplugs out and prepare to gather my things, then I remembered there not with me. Strange plane this is, then again I always have dad's private jet.

I can feel my ears popping as we land softly on the ground, lucky for me it's Summer so it isn't too cold. As soon as the doors open I practically run out the plane and make my way to the collecting station or something. I quickly find my bag and find my way to the exit.

I don't know why I'm so eager to get out but I just need to get to the collage. My new one. I find myself stood by a road after the exit.

"Hey there honey, need a lift?" A man asked. I quickly found where the voice came from. Parked to my left was a small ford focus with the drivers window rolled down and a old looking guy smirking out of it.

"No thanks, my husband will be here in a sec. Thanks anyway." I lied swiftly. Before he could tell I was lying I sped off in the other direction and found myself along a row of busses. There was one right next toe with its doors open and people getting on. I walked on and up to the driver.

"Excuse me? Where are you going? Do you pass Grover High?" I asked all at once.

"America? Yeah we do. £2 if your coming." He said in a Londoner accent. I took a two pound coin from my pocket and handed it to him then went and found a seat.

The drive took the most of fifteen minuets. When we reached my stop I said thanks to the driver as I hopped of. My jaw literally dropped when I saw the school. It looked like a modern Hogwarts. It was huge and architected really well. There was a blue and white sign in front of me that said 'Grover High. Where the students choose the way' How gay.

I made my way to the closest building which happened to say 'reception' above the door. I walked in to see a black haired woman sitting at a desk with pointy glasses.

"Um, excuse me? Hi, I'm new here..." I started. She stood up and took my hand, shaking it.

"Welcome! I'm Veronica, what's your name love?" She asked.

"Teresa Shabon." I said. She looked through some papers before saying anything.

"Shabon, shabon, Shabon ah! Here we are." She handed me a blue handbook thingy and a key.

"This is your school diary, to tell you where everything is and rules ect. Then that, is the key to your room." She smiled.

"Thanks. Where do I go first?"

"Have a look on your map, I suggest going to your room first, to meet your room mate and pack your stuff then go to the head teachers office and get yourself enrolled." She said.

"Thanks Veronica, bye." I waved her off and left the small building. I searched through my handbook to come to a map I the school. I eventually found my way to my room, the map wasn't much help because it didn't have room numbers.

I came up to a fairly large building that had a sign in pink colour saying 'Posh Tots' What is that meant to mean?

God should I have known. Before I even entered the smell hit me, nail varnish and perfume of all types. Everywhere I looked there were girls in short skirts with fake blonde hair and fishnet stockings. This is for sure going to be hell.


Hi! I'm Beverley, if you didn't guess. :P Can anyone tell me how to put pictures up? Because I am suck on that and I wanna show you guys what all the characters look like and it's really annoying me!

So yeah, that would be helpful. But vote and comment and all the other cheesy things you can think of!


-Bev X

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