Mr. Payne's Honor Student


1. chapter 1

“If it be a sin to covet honor, I am the most offending" William Shakespeare


My 20 birthday started like any other day. I was alone as usual because my aunt spent most of her nights at a bar drinking or sleeping at other men's houses. I had to get up but desperately not wanting to. In case your wondering I am Cristina Gilbert.

I finally found the courage to get up to get ready to go to school. It was April, and thankfully it wasn't raining. Any other day you would expect it to rain I mean it's London. I showered, brushed my teeth, and applied some make up. I didn't really want to bother straightening my hair so I let it dry naturally and be it's curly self. I had greenish brown eyes, dirty blonde clueless hair. I decided to wear plain blue skinny jeans and a fitted black short sleeve v-neck shirt. I pulled on my black toms, grabbed my key and headed for my car.

I got into my black Audi RS7. I had to wait for the school bus to pull away to back up. I decided to turn the radio on. Luckily my favourite songs were playing "Neon Lights" by Demi Lovato. I put the song on full blast. I arrived at school early, I felt relieved to only have two classes at Uni today, English and history. I want to become a History major and maybe teach it to high school kids. I made my way to English. I took my time and made it to class on time.


***1 and a half out later ***

I knew I was going to be late to history since I had to run back to my car and get my books. I was practically running toward the building. The bell rung and I was barely half way. I decided to pick up my pace. Luckily I was there and able to get to my seat before the new teacher had begun speaking. I thought he hadn't noticed me walk in late but then he spoke " Nice of you to join us Miss Gilbert" shit. There were some oohs from the other students but I really didn't care. As class drug on I noticed that every time he licked his lips or bit his bottom lip, the girls in the class made a collective gasp. I wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying because I really didn't need to, it's cocky to say so but I'm pretty smart. I was concentrating more on his looks. He had light brown hair styled up in a quiff, brown eyes and was tall. He was pretty muscular, and considering his shirt was a bit snug it showed his biceps off, his selves didn't go all the way down so I could see he had tattoos on both arms, one arm had what seemed like a phrase and the other arrows. I realized I had been staring when he caught my gaze and made a smug smile. He looked like he was in his mid twenties maybe 24 and no older. The bell rang and I ran out if there as soon as I could.

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