Haunted Love

"Zayn, I'm scared"
"I'll protect you"
"Say you'll never let me go"
"I don't want to break another promise"
"Your different"
"That's just who I am"
"Its not the same"
"You've changed"



44. These Lights are Blinding Me

Zayns POV


I started praying, begging she would live. This was all of my fault. I was the one who made her feel like this. I enjoyed kissing Kristina, but I knew it felt wrong the moment we started. I glanced over and saw her there. It was dark out, the lights blinding almost. I let my sweater soak up the tears but more fell knowing this was my fault, she would ever take me back now. I bet you shed want to leave London as soon as she gets out of the bed. The boys hugged me and I stayed the night at the hospital. I pulled out the couch and got it ready. I walked over to Sara and held her hand. "Please, Sara, if you can hear me show us. Please" a tear fell off of my cheek and onto hers. I kissed her hand and waited for a bit. Right before I went to let her hand go, she moved it. I looked at her, still shaking her hand, holding mine very tight like she was scared. I told her I would never ever leave we sight. She kept on holding my hand. I kissed her, telling her I'm right here and her hand let loose so I could detach it from hers. Another tear fell onto her, but on her hand. I kissed her hand and layed down, singing I'm Alright to myself. I loved Sara, but now, now Isn't the time for her to pass away, not today, not tomorrow, not next week, not a month from now, not years, never ever. If she was to die, I would die with her so I could be with her forever and ever. I soon fell asleep. 


In the Morning


your POV


i felt Zayn hold my hand and kiss me. I even felt the tears he spilled on me. I started crying because I was in the position where I couldnt talk, like in a coma. I felt needles go through my arm, but my body didn't move. It was like I was in my own body and could see everyone else, but they didn't sense that I was awake. I looked at Zayn, patting my hand. I looked around and saw many items, alot of band merch too. But one thing cought my eye. I saw a guitar, that looked so similar to Nialls. But this one was light on both sides, and had the boys signatures on it. It also had a few girls on it that walked in when they had been signing it. I saw Liam's and Louis signature. I also saw Nialls and Harry's. I couldn't find Zayns. I saw the girls too. They taped a piece of paper that looked like their twitter. I was going to tweet them thank you if I ever wake up from this. I saw alot of flowers at the end of my bed and get well cards all sound the room. I even saw a life size card and alot of people signed it. I felt another shock, and saw Zayn smiling at me. I felt myself again, I felt, normal. 


Zayns POV


i saw Sara open her eyes.  Smiled and a tear of joy spilled. I looked at her again and kissed her. I was still a little doosey since they took my blood and gave it to her. She smiled at me and glanced around the room. Her eyes were squinting. "All of these lights are blinding me" she told me, looking straight into my eyes. "I'm sorry." The doctor turned her bed up so she was siting up. "How long have I been gone?" She said shakily, like she was scared to ask me. "About 2 days.. Listen, Sara I'm... I'm-" "sorry? Zayn, why were you even kissing her? You know I loved you, with all of my heart, and you threw me away like I was trash. Zayn, you've hurt me" 


your POV


i saw a  couple of tears fall from Zayns cheekbones. I felt bad to make him cry, but he deserved it because he kissed Kristina. "I also know you almost did a girl at a bar too" "who the hell told you that?!" "I saw it. Zayn, I can't hardly even trust you, nonetheless myself." "I'm sorry" tears were streaming down his face. I couldn't help but hold mine in. It was hard. He hugged me and I lost it. I started crying silently so he didn't know. I could hear his cries over mine. "What is all of this?" I asked after the hug. "Everyone loves you" I smiled and looked around the room. I saw the guitar and pointed to it. "Isn't that Nialls?" "No, it's yours." He got up from his chair and brought it to me. "Everyone signed it. Marcel even came to sign it on the back, where my signature is." He flipped it over and there it was, Marcels signature. I rubbed my fingers over it, and saw the long letter he left me. I also saw Zayns signature with a letter. "Is Marcel here?" "Yes, he's waiting to come in." "Bring him in!" I exclaimed. Zayn got up and let everyone in. Marcel dashed towards me. I hugged him as hard as I could. I couldn't risk loosing Marcel, or being that close. I started daydreaming and the guy from my nightmares came back. "I'm te one who made You see Kristina and Zayn kissing. You don't have a chance. You'll never be good enough to be loved" I shook it off. He was haunting my love for Zayn, if I even had any love left to give to him. 

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