Haunted Love

"Zayn, I'm scared"
"I'll protect you"
"Say you'll never let me go"
"I don't want to break another promise"
"Your different"
"That's just who I am"
"Its not the same"
"You've changed"



63. I'm Here

Harry's POV


the boys and I went to rehearsals for our concert tomorrow.. We left Laney and Sara at home. Paul came in and saw Zayn texting... He took away Zayns phone mad. Zayn and him got into a big fight and now we've all lost our phone. It's around noon, and were all phone less. We didn't leave a note for the girls either, so when they wake up, their freaking out. I heard my phone ringing. It was a Marimba ringtone. I hated that sound. I begged Paul but he said no. He had our phones in a bucket. I told him I had to use the restroom, so as I went by after he allowed me, I grabbed my phone from the bucket. Laney ad Sara texted me like crazy. I called them while I was in the bathroom. She sounded mad. I told her we had a concert and she was still mad. "Were at the studio!"  I explained. All I heard from her was blah blah blah blah. "Whatever. Well be home in half an hour" I hung the phone up on her. I walked out of the bathroom and threw my phone into the bucket, making a Loud noise. Everyone looked at me. "How did you-" "don't fucking ask" I yelled back at Paul. I was pissed. She was being mean for absolutely nothing. I wanted time to go as slow as possible. What felt like 2 minute later, we were on our way home. When we entered the door, Sara was cleaning. She always cleans when he's mad. Laney was lying on the couch on Instagram. I walked in and Sara didn't even bother to look up at te door, nonetheless me. I stormed into my room and locked it behind me.


Zayns POV


sara was mad at me. "Why didn't you tell me Zayn!" She yelled. "I'm sorry! I'm here! I'm so sorry baby" she started to panick. This wasnt her. Something was going on. "What's wrong baby? Something else is going on! Tell me" she looked at me with hurt eyes. She grabbed me by my wrists and lead me to our room. "What the hell is Wong Sara?! This isn't you!" I whispered to her, kind of yelling. "I- it's- just-" "just what?!"


saras POV


zayn really looked like he wanted to know, so I told him. "Are you on your period?" I looked a him with a confused look on my face. "What?" "Gues that's not it." He shrugged and got up to leave. "Zayn, don't go. I'll tell you" I pleaded. "Are you sure?" I nodded and he sat beside me, comforting me. "It's. my social media. Rebecca." "What do u mean?" "My twitter was full of rude comments and Rebecca started a page about me on twitter and IG. She has over a million people following her, all of hate coming if every direction. Today is also the day that my mom...." I struggled to say te word. "That my mom died." I looked down and a single tear fell off of my cheek. Zayn reached over to meet his hands to mine. "I'm here, let it all out. Come here." He reached over to pick me up and put me on his lap. I hugged him. "I'm so sorry about your mum. I'm sorry, but just because Rebecca says that doesn't mean it's true. None of it is. Your perfect to me, everything about you. Even this" he pointed to my arm and lifted my sweater up. "This, this is upsetting but I know together we can make It through this. I love you so much Sara. Why don't tou see that?" "I take the negative out of every positive" a tear fell from my cheek to his t-shirt. "I love you so much, please, never ever forget that. And always know that I'm here." I hugged him tightly and then faced him. He took his thumb and wiped off my tears. I smiled and he brushed him lips over mine. I smiled and kissed him. "So what are we doing today?" He asked. "Anything you want" "I don't care boo" I loved it when a guy called me Boo. It just made me feel so much better and like I was worth something to them. Zayns words of "I'm here" kept repeating in my head. "I'm here" "I'm here" "I'm here"

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