Haunted Love

"Zayn, I'm scared"
"I'll protect you"
"Say you'll never let me go"
"I don't want to break another promise"
"Your different"
"That's just who I am"
"Its not the same"
"You've changed"



12. Don't Touch Her!!

Your POV

zayn drove us about a like from my house. I told him to stop at my house so I could get everything I needed. "Are you sure?" He asked me. "I have too Zayn. If I'm not back in 10 minutes, come and get me. "I will. I love you" he kissed me again. I was so scared to go in. I stepped out of the car and looked at Zayn. I walked in and saw Alex sitting on the couch. Oh god. My mom and dad wernt home I guess. That just made it even scarier. I walked in and went upstairs straight to my room, and Alex followed me. "What do you want Alex?!" I said under my breath. I started putting my clothes that I wanted into bags. "I want you." He said and pushed me onto the bed. "Get off of me Alex. I don't like you anymore. I have a new better boyfriend." "What did you just say?!" "I don't like you anymore Alex" he slapped me across the cheek. I brought my hand up to my cheek and felt it swell. He grabbed my hands and puts it above my heads. I was afraid I knew what was going to happen. I tried to push him off but he roped my hands to my head board. "Alex... Please don't do this" "turn around!" He yelled at me. I told him no. He spun me around and the rope on my hands burnt them. I whined for Zayn, knowing he couldn't hear me. He took the belt off of his pants and smacked it across my butt. I screamed. He kept going and then what felt like hours, he turned me around and kissed me. I wasn't really in reality. My lip was bleeding because I was trying to hold in my screams. The blood was running down my chin and he wiped it off and stuck his hands up my shirt. I didn't have much energy left. He took the belt again and smacked it across my chest. I couldn't breath. His lips were attached to mine. He pulled my shirt up and smacked the belt again. He made me turn around again and smacked me twice as hard twice as many times. I started seeing stars when he stopped. I think I heard Zayns voice. I couldn't really tell. I turned around and fell off of the bed. I groaned. I picked myself back into the bed and felt another smack. I was surely almost gone now. I felt someone untie the ropes from my hands and pick me up. I think it was Zayn. The last thing I heard was him scream "don't touch her ever again!" And he grabbed the rest of my clothes and shoes, anything else I needed and took it out to the car. He was amazing. Holding me and like 4 boxes. He sat me in the front seat and I was out cold.

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