Haunted Love

"Zayn, I'm scared"
"I'll protect you"
"Say you'll never let me go"
"I don't want to break another promise"
"Your different"
"That's just who I am"
"Its not the same"
"You've changed"



67. Desperate

Laneys POV


while we were on our way home from the concert we got dinner on the go. I tried to figure out what to wear tonight. I didn't want to look too dressed up, but not too casual. "Hey Liam" "yes babe?" "What are you wearing tonight?" "Nothing nice, a t-shirt and pants. Why baby?" "Just wondering" I smiled at him and he took my hand in his. i smiled as he kissed my cheek softly. Once we got home, I dashed into Liam's room and got some clothes i Had grabbed from home. I grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom. I took a shower, a hot shower. It felt good on my back. I took a hot shower until it got cold and then jumped out. I dried myself and thought of cute hair styles. I put on a bra and underwear and wrapped myself into a towel and ran across the hall into Liam's room. I closed the door behind me and threw my clothes on his messy bed. I put my black tights on and then I began to put my shirt on when Liam barged through. "Sorry love!" He closed his eyes and closed the door back up. I giggled and then finished putting my shirt on. It was like a dress with something under it. The top part was black ad white striped and the bottom of it was black with flowers on it. I added a black belt so you couldn't see when they merged together. I put on my purple shoelaced converse... I hated heels. They made my feet and back ache. I smiled at myself in the mirror and then covered myself back up with my towel. I then ran through the hall again and Liam was singing his line of Little things. I had dimples in y back.... But I didn't know if they were in the bottom anymore. I didn't bother checking. I closed the door behind me and started to add make-up. I put a black/grey smokey eye shadow on and mascara. I added some blush and brushed my Teeth. I left my hair down and let it do its own thing. It turned ou to be wavy and neat. Then I called for Sara. She came in knocking on the door. "Is something wrong?" "Come in" "is something wrong?" She asked again as she walked in. "No, but is this okay for Liam and I to go out tonight? He didn't tell me where we were going" she just stared at me. "I knew it was bad" "no! I really like it!!!!! Where did you get that outfit?!!" "Rue 21" "it's cute!" "Will you walk out with me?" "Yes!" We jumped up and down for no apparent reason and she opened the door. "Ladies and gentlemen!" "There's no ladies in here!" Louis said. "Your a girl Louis!" She shouted back and continued her speech. "The famous, amazing and beautiful Laney!!! Liam's girlfriend!!" She walked out and I walked behind her, my phone in hand. 10 eyes were staring at me. "Oh my god" Harry nudged Niall. "I know!" Liam walked up to me wrapping his hands around my waist. "You look... Amazing!" It was dark now. "Thanks. Not to shabby yourself!" He laughed no we entwined hands. "We'll, were off! Well be back in the morning!" Everyone waved goodbye and we were off. He drove me to this club. It was called "Yorkshire pub" it sounded nice. We went inside and the music was glaring. He walked me to the front counter. "2 beers please" Liam asked the girl. "Coming right up!" She said back. A man tossed her 2 beers and she caught them. "Nice catch" I saidz Liam chuckled and drank his down. I started drinking mine also. After about 2 hours I had 5 beers and was extremely drunk. Liam only had about 2.  "Dance with me Payne" I drug him to the dance floor and grinded on him. He smiled and spun me around. "Your so beautiful" he said. I went to give him a kiss and missed. This happened for like 5 minutes. "Desperate aren't we?" He said and attached his lips to mine.  I worked mine in sync and he smiled into the kiss. He took his arm and wrapped it around me pulling me closer. I drank another beer with Liam and then I went to sit down and fell on the floor. He picked me up and said "I think it's time we head home" he smiled. "Noooo" I groaned. He hitched me over his shoulders and walked me outside. He then sat me down and the. Picked me up so he was carrying me like a toddler. I wrapped my legs around him and out my chin on his shoulder nuzzling it into his neck. "Your so warm" he said and then he kissed my forehead. He walked me all the way through the parking lot and into his car. He opened his car door and sat me down on the passenger side, taking off his coat and covering me with it. He put my seat belt on and leaned my seat back. I felt like I was 10. He ran to the other side and started driving off. What felt like hours we finally arrived at the house and he picked me up bridal style and I was half asleep. "Liam" I groaned and hid under his coat. He took me inside and layed me on his bed. He left the room and the came back. He grabbed a shirt I could wear instead of what I was wearing. "Liam I need help" I said hesitantly. He pulled my shirt off and I went to kiss him again. He kissed me and then pulled back. "Not tonight. I don't want you to loose your virginity because you were 6 and a half beers drunk" I frowned and put my other shirt on. "Can we at least cuddle?" I begged. He crept into bed beside me and I scoot closer to him, my hands on his warm bare chest. "So beautiful" he whispered into my ear and I put my head on his chest. "So beautiful" repeated in my mind. I fell asleep within minutes because I was so drunk.

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