Haunted Love

"Zayn, I'm scared"
"I'll protect you"
"Say you'll never let me go"
"I don't want to break another promise"
"Your different"
"That's just who I am"
"Its not the same"
"You've changed"



43. Black and White

Your POV


I was in the place, where I couldn't see. It was all white, and had shade of black. I called for Zayn and nobody answered. I looked around me and it was a clock of memories playing. My nightmares started playing, zayn at the bar started playing, zayn kissing Kristina, Alex hurting me, our neighbor almost killing me, how my mom died, everything. I started crying and I fell to the floor begging on my knees. I heard zayn. "Don't leave me here alone" then I saw the boys holding hands and circling around me, singing Safe and Sound. I was still in the white place. I started crying and I layed down. I could see all of the memories on the floor of the good times of my family, Zayn and I, and the funny moments with Marcel. Oh god, Marcel. What was I goth to tell him if I lived?! I highly doubt I will. I looked at my arms and legs and saw the cuts appearing. I couldn't feel them though. I saw myself cutting in an image. I started crying. Then I saw the picture of my mom and dad and I. I walked over to them and kissed them telling them I loved them. Then I fell. I felt a shock go through my body and it was dark again. Only the sounds of the boys singing is what I could hear. Then I heard an alarm going off. Zayn looked at me and fallen down to the ground, crying and sobbing. I started crying, trying to answer him.  Felt another shock, still seeing Zayn crying, I was trying to yell for him, but nothing was coming out. Then I saw mysf like I was in the corner of my hospital room. I walked over to myself, crying. I looked at Zayn and hugged him, not feeling anything. I saw him gasp like he felt me. He started crying louder. I kissed him and the rest of the boys and then I felt another shock, and I wasn't there anymore. I just saw the boys, crying and smiling, almost tears of joy. Zayn got up to his feet and kissed my hand. I couldn't see the boys, which meant I wasn't awake, but I was alive. I felt the doctors clean up my cuts, explaining to Zayn that if something like this happened again, I would die instantly. Then I heard we ask for blood. I was low on that, I knew I was. All of the boys volunteered. I smiled and cried a single tear, falling off of my cheek. Then I went into Zayns thoughts. I could see every thing he was thinking of. I saw he wanted to cry and that he loved me with everything. I couldn't do this, I left his thought and went into the other boys thoughts. All the same. I guess everyone here did care and love me for who I was. I wished I would wake up now. Then I saw black and white and Zayn staring at me, looking drowsy and sleepy.

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