How We Fell in Love

Peyton- A shy, timid girl falls for One Direction's Niall Horan.
Laila(Peytons sister)- A funny, flirty girl falls for One Direction's Harry Styles.
What happens when they get pulled part from the girls ex's?


1. Chapter 1

Harry's POV

"With me, with me. Why don't you go there with me." We all sang and ended our last concert of our tour. Everyone clapped and cheered. I took in a couple breaths.


"Thank you everyone!" I yelled, "this tour was amazing!"


"You mean amazayn!" Someone in the crowd screamed. I chuckled behind my breath.


"Haha, Amazayn...hmm okay," Zayn smiled, "this tour was amazayn!" we all laughed.


"You guys are just so beautiful and really supportive." I replied to the crowd. The cheers and screams became louder.


"Yeah, like when Harry got all that hate..." Niall said smiling. "you guys were there for him."


"You guys are truly the best!" We all said. "good night everybody!" We yelled before we hopped off stage. The stage got dark and we could still hear the fans talking as we joined the crew in the back.


"Hey guys, I was thinking we could take a vacation in Toronto," Liam said.


"But it's so cold there." Louis replied.


"Yeah, but there's MCDONALDS!" Nialls screamed. We all laughed.


"Okay then, it settled. Toronto here we come baby!" Louis said. We almost fell on the floor laughing. I started walking, the chats between me and the boys were special. I felt like I had known them all my life, not four years. We finally came out of the backdoor and secretly made our way to the limo, I couldn't wait to get to the hotel. My head was starting to kill me. I looked out the window at all the people walking, the lights of stores and the fans chasing after our vehicle. The hotel wasn't far, but it felt like a million years to me. I practically fell out of the door when it was opened. We grabbed our luggage and hurried into the building before we were mobbed by directioners. Louis reached into his pocket and dug out the key. I smiled as the lock opened up. We all fell through the door. After a couple minutes we got off the ground and stood up. We soon had unpacked all our stuff. Zayn's bag exploded with hair stuff..


"Zayn? Why do you have so much hair conditioner and stuff?" Louis questioned. We all groaned.


"Why do you ask him that?" Liam muttered, rolling his eyes.


"Because his reaction is funny." Louis replied. I slapped him playfully.


"Because, a comb doesn't just make this.." Zayn points to his hair. "PURFECTION!" We all laughed. I sat down by the window and gazed at the sunset.


"Aww, what's wrong my Hazza?" Louis said and leaned his head on my shoulder. I chuckled.

"where's that big smile? Don't smile... don't smile.." Louis said poking my cheek. I grinned and playfully pushed his face away.


"You're a idiot," I laughed.


"But I'm adorable." He rubbed his hands over his body. I fell off of the window-sill laughing.


"Suuuuure..." I picked myself up off of the floor and slapped him gently.


"My cheek meat!" I facepalmed and sat down on my bed. I grabbed the book I was reading, the book was pretty interesting, sometimes I just couldn't put it down. The main character is a famous country singer in a band, they're are two girls that meet them while on vacation in Quebec. The lead singer and the band all fall for both the girls. Except for the lead singer and his second best friend, his second best friend falls for the blonde. And the lead falls for the red head. I can't stop thinking about how this sort of matches our lives...well, except for the fact that we haven't found any attractive young ladies. I sighed and opened the book. I began to read the seventh chapter. It was so amazing and the words literally pulled me deeper and deeper into the book.


"HARRY!" Niall yelled.


"What? Oh sorry... I was reading." I said putting the book down.


"Can we go get some food, like Mcdonalds?" Niall pouted.


"Fine.. but I have an idea..." The boys looked at me weird.



Niall's POV

After about a half an hour we looked like seniors in an old folks home... We looked weird... But it would work. I stood beside Liam, teenagers stared at us as we passed by. I heard some whisper things like:

"They look familiar," or "Are these One Directions Grandpas?" I rolled my eyes at these comments and kept walking. My eyes fluttered towards a blonde standing next to a redhead. Her long blonde hair swept down her arms, her bright blue eyes captivated me. I stopped myself and stared. Her laugh pierced the air and made my heart flutter. I swallowed the lump in my throat and called the boys. Harry turned around and strutted back to me.


"Why'd you stop?" He asks, I sigh and lift a finger to the girls. He turned his gaze and I looked at him. His jaw dropped and he gasps. His eyes were looked toward the redhead with the green eyes and purple lips( I LOVE PURPLE LIPSTICK XD). I had a feeling she was kinda emo, but her smile said that she wasn't. I kept my gaze on the blonde. She slightly turned her shoulder and spotted me. Her eyes met mine and I turned pale. She whispered something in the red head's ear and pointed to me and Harry. They gave us a disgusting look and left. I don't get it...



Liam's POV

We were sitting at a table eating our food. Niall was acting weird, he wasn't eating. I raised my eyebrow in confusion.

"Niall, what's wrong?" I whispered, I glanced over to the table next to us. I had toned my voice down so the girls that were eating beside us didn't hear me. He didn't answer. He kept playing with the french fry in his hand. I continued to stare at him in worry.


"I've got it!" He yelled. Everyone looked at him. He ducked his head, I facepalmed. We stayed in silence for a couple of minutes and munched on the stuff in front of us. Finally, everyone began eating their food again. We all looked around and then averted our gaze to Niall. I was just about to ask what he had but Harry beat me to it.


"What do you got?" Harry questioned, his mouth full of food. Niall turned his head in every direction, looking for anyone who was watching us. He came back to us with an answer I didn't understand.


"Those girls, they gave us that look, remember?" I pushed my head slightly to the right in confusion. "they did that because we look like this," he whispered, raising his hands up past his head then sliding them down his torso.


"What girls?" I asked. Niall turned to me.


"There were these two hot girls, one was a redhead and the other was blonde." He replied.


"How come I didn't see em'?" Zayn asks. I nodded in agreement, I hadn't seen them either.


"Maybe cause you kept looking at yourself in the shop windows," Harry retorted. Zayn glared at him, he smiled at the black haired boy mischievously and went back to his food.


"I think I caught a glimpse of the blonde...did she have long hair?" Louis puts the subject back to the girls. "but why are you so interested, Niall?"


"I think I might fancy the blonde."


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