You'll always Beau my number one.

Beau is a member of YouTube sensations, The Janoskians. You've been going out for about 6 years now, spending everyday in each other's arms. Until one day, a relationship rocking opportunity confronts Beau. Will he take it?


5. the end.

why doesn't he care, why won't he show me that he cares? I was so stupid to think that he loved me. You thought closely to the heart. Beau is still standing outside, happy expression though this time. then suddenly, he got into your family car, and drove away,laughing. you'd never felt so angry, depressed, intimadated. everything wouldn't fall into place, it was like a broken jigsaw puzzle. you want to chase after the car, but you know it's too late. you wonder what you did wrong. Was it looking through his phone? Or maybe I just wasn't the same old person anymore. You walk out of the house, lock the door, and walk away. You don't know where your going, what your doing and why, although you think it's the best solution to clear your head from all of the things reminding you.

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