You'll always Beau my number one.

Beau is a member of YouTube sensations, The Janoskians. You've been going out for about 6 years now, spending everyday in each other's arms. Until one day, a relationship rocking opportunity confronts Beau. Will he take it?


4. the confession.

'What are you on about? Benidorm? Have you been in my phone?' He says, blank expression all over his face. 'Yes. You're leaving me. Your going to that job. Three months. Turn around, Beau. Look at everything. The house. Look at the pictures, the memories. Our plans. Our future. And you want to throw that all away? I love you to the moon and back, I want nobody else but you.' You wait for the tears to trickle down beaus face. But ever still, it is empty and emotionless. You turn around, and take 5 tiny steps forward. Beau doesn't stop you. You take another 5 steps forward. Then run into the house. You know it. It was over, that easy, that quick, that simple.

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