You'll always Beau my number one.

Beau is a member of YouTube sensations, The Janoskians. You've been going out for about 6 years now, spending everyday in each other's arms. Until one day, a relationship rocking opportunity confronts Beau. Will he take it?


9. confused.

Attention, all JANOSKIANATORS. Recently, the YouTube sensations, the janoskians, released their first tour #notaboyband. With millions of teenagers from a variety of country's, you expect every single member of the janoskians to attend. However, Luke Brooks, has announced 'Beau has been missing for months. He hasn't been in contact, with us or his girlfriend. It is to my great disappointment, and I'm so sorry, but Beau is not going to be on tour with us this year.' Beau Brooks hasn't updated any of his social networking primates either. The last time beau was to have posted was on keek, where he submitted a video which said 'I love you guys so much, your my life. I just want to say to my beautiful girlfriend, I don't know where I'd be without you, your the most gorgeous girl in the universe, be happy, be strong, my heart was made for you, words can't describe how much I love you' this video was posted on the 11th of August, this year. Other than that we hope you fangirls enjoy the tour!! You sit there, dead inside and out.

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