I wrote this mainly for myself, to inspire myself to see the silver lining.



The planes conducted the sky to create a chalky masterpiece, drawn in pinks, yellows and feathery whites. The chalk board varied from a mysterious mauve to electrifying shades of blue and turquoise, which could almost be smelt as aromatic spices from another world. As I drove onward with the moving tide of cars lighting up the long road, the sweet shades of sun set behind me in the rear view mirror. My mind said goodbye, my heart knowing the greying sky before me would soon turn blue again. Now red ploughed through the clouds.

Darkness doesn't always mean for a bad thing. It doesn't mean the end. Sure, the end of a day, but when light comes that means the end of night, and too that should be noticed.

Driving towards darkness wasn't a sign. It wasn't a metaphor, or a simile. I was just driving towards darkness. The direction in which I was travelling set stone for my importance. So long as I was moving forwards, I was headed for a good thing. My intentions were to always be certain of this statement, to be sure that my direction, considering twas always forwards, was always right.

I don't believe I have ever aloud myself to travel backwards before, however have stayed in the same place for a long time. This 'parking up' did me no good. It acquired me with nothing other than a recurrence of what had just been. Studying of the close past like that did nothing but bad, which is why I now insist on constant movement, constant forward energy, positive energy to take me where I've never been before.

Change is inevitable, thus should be embraced.

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