the matchmaker

This is about a girl and a boy who know nothing about each other an when they meet they will develop feelings for eachther and always be together .


2. we meet again

Miranda goes to school the next day. She saw Toby by the door waiting for her and she walked inside. Toby said how are you Miranda and Miranda said I'm good Toby just really tired. Toby said Awww Aww Miranda I'm sorry I wish I could watch you fall asleep in my arms. Miranda said Aww Aww Toby that is so sweet and I wish I could to. It would be so cute and so romantic. Miranda told Toby that she thinks he is A very nice guy and that he seems so down to earth. Toby said Aww Aww Miranda your the first person who has said something like that to me.

Toby asked Miranda what class did she have first period and Miranda said that she has English first period and Toby said well would you like for me to escort you to your class and Miranda said sure Toby I would love that. Toby said now Miranda remember we are just friends right now and I'm sure things will change later and start getting deep but not that deep. Toby your probably right but I'm just not gonna fall in love right away . I'm not quite ready yet. Toby said it's ok Miranda I understand we can figure things out when you are ready and as I said before we can still be really good friends. Miranda said toby I would like that very much and I'm glad that you are so sweet and so nice I hope that you will stay that way. I hope that you won't ever change because I like you just the way you are.

Toby said awwwww Miranda no one has ever said that to me before. Miranda said well I guess I'm the first to say it and that is a good thing and I'm glad that I was able to make you feel you about yourself. I really think that you are a great person Toby and you should know that and never let anyone tell you anything different. Toby said Miranda I can already see that you are the sweetest person ever and that you care for others. You mostly care for me and I just know and you can admit it. Miranda said well yes Toby I do care about you a lot and I want to make you happy and I always want to see you happy. Miranda said Toby what you doing tonight ? Toby said I'm not doing anything just relaxing at home. Miranda said well I was wondering if you would want to go with me to dinner tonight just me and you. Toby said sure I would love to and he said since you asked me to go with you I will call you and tell you what time we should go. I will escort us there and I will pick you up I have a nice truck.

Toby said well Miranda here is my number it is 594-5862-80. You don't have to call me I will call you. You can ride home with me after school if you would like to . Miranda said sure I won't be doing anything and Toby said well great and let's me after school so we can leave. Toby so and I want you to meet my parents so the first stop we will make is to my parents house. Miranda said well I should warn you I'm really nervous about all this and Toby said well If you get nervous I will introduce you myself and you can talk whenever you get ready.

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