the matchmaker

This is about a girl and a boy who know nothing about each other an when they meet they will develop feelings for eachther and always be together .


1. The mystery

Have you ever loved or liked someone that it's hurts so much to be around them. Well that's true my name is Miranda and I like this guy that goes to my college we have two classes together. I know that I don't know him but I like him and I think that he is really cute . I wanna talk to him but I will get really nervous and start blushing and I don't want him to know that I like him because what if he doesn't like me back then I will be hurt . I will also be embarrassed he might tell everyone in here that I like him and then I won't know what to say or do . I am the girl in this situation so I will just start talking to him and try to get to know him a little bit better.

I walked over to his desk and I said hi excuse but what is your name and the boy says my name is Toby and Miranda said well it's nice to meet you Toby and Toby said what is your name ? Miranda I'm Miranda Jensen. Toby said that's a nice name and I really love your first name. Miranda said thank you Toby and that's very sweet of you. Toby asked Miranda would she like to sit in the desk next to him and Miranda said yes I would love to. Miranda sat down by Toby and Toby asked her questions about herself. Miranda told Toby she is from England and she was born on January 12,1994. Toby said oh my I was born on that same exact day. Miranda said that's wonderful Toby and how old are you Toby he said I am 18 years old Miranda said then we are both the same age I'm 18 also and what do you like to do for fun Toby ? Toby said I like to read draw and play the guitar and the piano and Miranda said I like the piano and guitar just not drawing. I'm also into fashion and I love shopping and I love romantic dates with guys I like going to the movies and my favorite sport is tennis and I am a tennis player. Toby said you play tennis and how is it? Miranda said yes I do play tennis and it is actually a lot of fun. I'm also a cheerleader for the football team at this school for the girls cheerleading squad.

Toby said Miranda that is great and I'm glad that you have found two great things that you enjoy doing. Toby said well Miranda the bell rang so class is over and I was wondering if I could walk you outside ? Miranda said sure Toby no problem so they walked together and they talked more and Toby said Miranda we should get together sometime and go see a movie or go on maybe I could come to one of your tennis tournaments.

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