the matchmaker

This is about a girl and a boy who know nothing about each other an when they meet they will develop feelings for eachther and always be together .


3. meet my parents

Toby and Miranda went to his parents house. Toby wanted to give Miranda a chance to meet his parents. Toby drove up in his parents yard and his mom and dad came outside and Toby's mom asked Toby who was the Girl that was with him. Toby said mom this is my friend Miranda and I really like her more then just a friend. She doesn't know that though. Miranda introduced herself to Toby's mom and dad and Toby's dad talked to Miranda and he said that I think that Toby really likes you and it's seems obvious that he likes you as more then just a friend. Miranda said I think I've kinda been noticing that every since I started hanging out with him.

Toby's dad said Miranda you can call me Mr Johnson that is my last name and my first name is Parker. I know that I look young for my age. I'm only 25 and my wife is the same age as me. Miranda looked at him and said y'all must have had Toby at an earlier age if you and his mom are this young cause 25 is so young. Mr Johnson said that Jennie had Toby at 15 years old. Miranda said wow that is way to young and to early for her to be having kids .

Toby said dad mom I'm glad you met Miranda. I'm also glad that y'all made her feel very welcomed here. We are going to go now because we are going to hang out and do something fun. Miranda asked Toby what were they gonna do and Toby said you will see. Miranda said so it's a surprise Toby said yes miranda it is a suprise. Toby drove to the mall and he took Miranda shopping. He bought her whatever she wanted and he even bought her a ring one for friendship and another one, which is a promise ring. Miranda hopes that if her and Toby ever start dating that they will be together forever and no one will lie cheat or steal, Toby and Miranda went to eat at chick fil a and Toby paid for his food and Miranda . After they ate he took her to the jewelry store and he bought her the promise ring and he put it on her finger. Miranda said aw aw Toby thank you so much for the ring ad you have made me feel very special.

After Toby put the ring on Miranda he asked her what other stores did she want to go to ? Miranda said that it didn't matter as long as they were together. Toby said Miranda this is a ring that I wanted to buy for you. When you wear it you can think of me . I hope that we can study together sometime. Miranda said I would like that. Toby took Miranda to a show store and he bought her nike free 3.0 they were pink and purple. Miranda liked them a whole lot.

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