You and Me? - Niall Horan

Nuria er en pige på på 19. hun er ganske normal, men hun er kærester med den verdensberømte Niall Horan.
Men det hele enders da hun er i Paris med Niall og de andre drenge. uddrag fra teksten /You and Niall talked together in a hour mabey. He ask if you want to go and sit on the bench. Of course you want it! when you are seated and talking when Niall leans forward and whispers in your ear, "I love you" and then he kisses you on the mouth.
he withdraws from the kiss and stands up, turns his back to you and cries out from the Eiffel Tower "I love Nuria, and I will spend the rest of my life with her" he turns around and looks you deep into your eyes and says "will you marry me" he had put on his knees. you look Down too his hands and sees a box with a cute little ring with sparkling diamonds all over it./
hvad sker der mon efter det? siger hun ja? bliver de gift? læs og lær ;)
den er skrevet i DU GØR situationer. hyg jer!



you wake up with a smile. the smile can not be removed. You remember that day like it was yesterday, but it is soon as a month ago. there are not more than 2 months to Niall and you are getting married. You know that the day will surpass the day he proposed to me, and You just can't wait anymore. Your thoughts are interrupted by a voice you know a little too well, namely Niall. "Good morning Babe, Have you slept well?" turning around in bed and looking into some beautiful crystal blue eyes, "yes i have" You think about it and then says "Have you slept well?" "sleep well? I lay in the same bed as you. you can't sleep better" "Ohm" "I mean it Princesses!" You did not know what to say, so you just jumped on him and kissed him all over his face. "Nuria, stttooooop the sources ahahhahha!" you stopped slowly and gave him the last kiss on the mouth. "Niall do you want to have breakfast?" You got up slowly from the bed and swung leg section beyond the bedside "Of cores Babe, who says no to food?" says he with a big and high voice, “You do not even need to ask about it another time, I am always keen on food, and you know it BABE” * when you have eaten breakfast food, you had set ourselves for watching movies and we grace no longer you sit still here. but not misunderstand that it is really nice fir one fault to cuddle with Niall , now that he is almost never home anymore . You know with boys nuisance - the band - one direction - their tour. when but here we are then , and watching a Disney movie , namely Finding Nemo . you dare idrømme that you sit and cry a bit throughout the film, but Niall you will NEVER to admit that he cries to the movies , or is touched by a cartoon . You picked up out of the corner of my eye that niall sit and stare at me, you turn your head , " what?" you said with a little laugh. He just smiled , shaking his head "you're just so beautiful, and really appealing! " Here you could not really disturb you, your smile was so uncontrolled and you could not stop smiling. "You're not even the worst ! " you almost yelled into the air. you quickly took your hand in front of your mouth "Oops " Niall 's great laugh sounded through the room, and you could not keep your laugh inside anymore. "Nuria, Do you know how much I love you?" "I have an idea about it, but I will always use to hear it again ? " Niall got the biggest smile they you said it , " NURIA , " he took your hand " I tals more and more parents happened to you, per hour, minute, second that passes. , I love you, you are the most beautiful , clever , and utterly PERFECT girlfriend or should I say fiancé ?! I LOVE YOU”
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