Angels of the Shadows: Cries for the Stolen

When one of the four remaining champions gets kidnapped, the others go looking for them. It's a normal thing to do. But when everything starts to fall to pieces right in front of them all, things start to get worrying... very worrying.


3. The Pit

Micha was trapped inside of a head mask as she forced along by two men beside her. Her hands were bound together behind her back, she couldn't fight back at all. Fear bled through her grazes, she didn't know what on earth was going on. But she then heard a door being pushed open, she felt herself going down some stairs and was quickly sat on bed. A rather uncomfortable bed at that. The mask was then yanked off. She hyperventilated violently as a bearded man and 4 other men encircled her, all pointing their firearms at her.

They were all in black uniform with masks that covered half there face and a helmet that covered the other half. She could see poorly placed lights scattered above her that were dangling by some wire like lynched criminals. The room was large with a tall ceiling and wide walls, but there was nothing in it at all. So much space unused. The floor was rotting and there was a shelf of tattered books opposite her. The bearded man chuckled as he looked at her.

"Oh 'ello. What a pretty face you have." the man exclaimed as he crouched down to her level. "Now you're scared and angry, understandable. I won't hold it against you. But let me introduce myself. Name's Vuck. Vucklin if you want to be precise." Now that the mask was off of Micha, she started to mutate her fear into rage. 

"What do want from me?..." she growled. He ignored her and pulled out her phone.

"I like this phone. Very nice indeed. Let's have a look through your texts and photos eh?" he mumbled as he paced around the room.

"Oi! Get off there!" she yelled as she stood up in anger. She was then sat back down as one of the men gestured with his rifle for her to sit back down. Vuck flickered his fingers all over the phone, giggling as he swiped his thumb upwards on the screen.

"So that's your name. Michaela. I like it. Wait, wait! Aww! 'Love you Alex! Kiss, kiss!' Isn't that sweet! That's just so adorable!" he cheered as the men around him chuckled at Micha. " 'ey! Don't you laugh at her! This is touching... you scum bags." the four men shut up and went back to pointing their guns at Micha. "Oh! So is Alex that guy I spoke to you on your phone when we snapped you up? Naww! Lovely stuff."

As he was looking around on her phone, Micha thought of ways to escape. There was a window really high up that she could probably fit through, but then she remembered they have the guns at her head. 

"Okay, Michaela. We're going to untie your hands. This is where your going to be staying till further notice. Cecilia, here will make sure you're properly taken care of." Vuck said, nodding towards a young girl in the corner of the room. He then gave an order to one of his men to untie Micha's hands. The man pulled out a humongous serrated knife and broke the bonds of the rope. As soon as the door closed behind Vuck and his men, Micha leaped into the air to the window. The window was so high up on the wall, she couldn't reach just by jumping. But that's when being a Corradite had it's uses. She spread out her wings and grabbed the latch that opened and closed the window, but of course there was no way of opening it. Micha let out a sigh and let go of the window, letting herself gracefully drop back down onto the rotting floor. The retracted her wings and sat back down on the squeaky bed. Cecilia gazed at her in wonder, she could hardly believe what she just saw!

Later that night, Micha was sat on the floor with her back on the edge of the bed. Boredom was rack in her body like an infection. She sat there fiddling with her fingers and sometimes just flew around the room. She did so until her wings gave out and she would collapse to the floor, in a tired heap. There was no where comfortable to sleep and recharge her batteries; even the bed felt like it was filled with nails. Even with Micha's will power to sleep, no where was good enough for her. Cecilia watched Micha toss and turn on the bed, not getting why she couldn't sleep. But Micha's unrelenting will power to doze off took hold and Micha eventually slept on the rotting floor and dreamt of home.





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