Angels of the Shadows: Cries for the Stolen

When one of the four remaining champions gets kidnapped, the others go looking for them. It's a normal thing to do. But when everything starts to fall to pieces right in front of them all, things start to get worrying... very worrying.


2. Micha?!

The sun rose over the dense trees and oozed through the leaves. A little cocoon was on the ground from a deep sleep, waking up with excitement. She stretched her arms to the sky and jumped out of her bed in a blitz.

"Right. Now I'm a little rusty on all this survival stuff, but I remember one thing. Hunting!" she muttered to herself; grabbing her bow. Back in Zunlaya, Aldrin, Jess and Alex were arranging to the kings whether they could go search for Micha outside of the walls.

"I don't see why not. We'll let one of the sergeants take over from your position Aldrin. Good luck and may God watch over you all." said Markus as he rose from his seat. The three of them bowed in thanks and made their way out of the door, but Aldrin was halted by Markus' voice. "Aldrin. Please find her. Outside of those walls is a vast frontier occupied strange, and deadly forces." Aldrin nodded back in response and slammed the mighty doors behind him.

"Right. Let's go find her." cheered Jess and she hopped down the stairs from the palace. The boys rolled their eyes and followed after her, making their way to the gates. As they exited the gates, Alex pulled out his phone.

"I'll give her call. See if she is okay." he whispered as he flicked his fingers on the keypad. Pulling the phone to his ear, he ran to catch up with Jess and Aldrin.

Micha was lining up a shot to a wild hog, pulling back the string to aim for the head. A loud ringtone and vibrating sensation in her leg pocket freaked out her quarry and it ran away in a squealing wreck.

"God damn it!" she huffed as she loosened her strength on the string. She whipped out her phone to answer, and maybe shout at, whoever was on the other end. "What?!" she bellowed.

"Babe! Why did you leave all of a sudden?! We're outside of the walls looking for you now!"

"You're in the wilderness? Cool! You guys can meet up with me in the woods. We can live like the old days again." she chattered. They heard her cheering. Something was approaching behind Micha.

"Alright, I guess we can. Well where are you? South? North?"

"South. Ah this is gunna be fun!" she screamed in delight. They were getting closer.

"Yeah it will be. Alright well how are you doing? You cold?" Alex said with a slight giggle.

"Of course not. This armor..." They snatched her. "HMMM! MMM!" she squealed, her words muffled down the phone.

"Micha? MICHAELA?!" Alex shouted as he started to shake in fear. Aldrin then turned around in surprise, wondering what he was yelling about. Alex heard the phone drop to the floor, getting picked up and then heard a new voice.

"Hello, hello? Who's speaking?" he mumbled.

"Who are you? What the hell have you done with my girlfriend?!" Alex hollered down the phone. Aldrin was getting more concerned by the second.

"Ooo... Temper temper mate. Be careful. You do me in, you'll never get her back. Come to the forest clearing and I'll meet you there. We can discuss... negotiations." he chuckled has he hung up the phone. Alex smashed the phone back in his pocket and stormed in the opposite direction. Aldrin him grabbed by the shoulder before he could go any further, turning him round to see what was going on.

"Hey! Hey! Alex!! What's going on?" Aldrin bellowed with Jess stumbling behind him.

"Someone's got her. They said meet us at the clearing to get her back." Aldrin nodded to one side and shunned Alex out of the way. 

"They're looking for a fight. They're getting one for sure..." Aldrin groaned. Jess followed after him with Alex then following behind her.


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