Angels of the Shadows: Cries for the Stolen

When one of the four remaining champions gets kidnapped, the others go looking for them. It's a normal thing to do. But when everything starts to fall to pieces right in front of them all, things start to get worrying... very worrying.


1. Gone!

Since the battle of the black plains, a day of utter sadness for them all, the now champions of Zunlaya stayed there for the remainder of their days. But they were still leaders of an army that they had trained and recruited; just like before. Yet they were never needed, everything was tranquil, docile and peaceful. Life was a joy for them. Well maybe one was a bit bored. Micha. She had lived inside the walls for all her life before she ran away, and she dearly missed the wilderness. Cool breezes, lush trees, solitary lifestyle and the thrill of being on the run. It called to her for five years but she never took the jump out of those walls. She didn't want to abandon her friends and they didn't want to leave the walls.

"Hey! Guys! Why don't we go out of the walls? We have been outside for ages!" Micha would call.

"Nah. I have dinner with Plabgor again. I don't like him much but he's a good person to get local gossip off of." Alex would reply with Aldrin and Jess nodding along. Micha would then be disappointed and wonder back to her house. Sound familiar? Well she did exactly what she did to her father, packing her things one night and pegging it over the. But this time, alone.

She ushered out f her bed, removing Alex's arm that wrapped around her like a vine. She dashed to her cabinet and ripped open the doors. Her armor; her glorious and unused armor! She gawked at it in delight and started to put it on. Twas bliss to wear it again for the first time. But over 5 years, a girl can grow and the armor didn't quite fit. However, that armor always had a trick up it's sleeve and just like it did when she first put it on, the armor fit round her perfectly in a swirl of gold.

"I remember this. Ooo this is life." she whispered as she grabbed her sword, her bow, her gun and her utility belt to make her way out of the door. Not before kissing Alex on the forehead to say goodbye. She rushed down the blank streets, staying in the shadows of the street lamps as to not be seen. Again, like before, she reached the wall, tied a rope around her sword to fling it and let it stick into the top of the wall. She could of used her wings to reach the top bt too noisy. Would attract a lot of attention. So, she climbed up the rope, reached the top, pulled the rope back up rapidly and then sprouted her wings to take off of the height of the wall. The cool breeze; oh it was swell to embrace it on her cheeks once more. Freedom and youth forced her to cheer in delight as her cry echoed over the tree tops.

When she got over the hill that ringed the whole of Zunlaya, she landed to make camp for the night. Taking out her flint and steel like before, gathering wood like before and setting out her bed just like before. It was going to be a happy day in the morning for her for sure. But not for the other three. Alex awoke empty handed and bolted up in panic.

"Micha!" he yelled. "Micha where are you?!" as he bounded out of bed to hunt around in the house. No sign of her. Except that her belt and weapons were gone, the cabinet was wide open and the door was also wide open. Alex surged out of the house to Aldrin and Jess' house and get their aid. Her swung open the door and hurtled up their stairs. "Aldrin! Jess! Micha's legged it!" Aldrin rubbed his eyes and groaned from his nest. However Jess was more alert and pricked up her ears to Alex's wails.

"Hm? What?" Aldrin grumbled as he tossed over to one side.

"Micha has gone! Done away! Left the city!"

"Okay, don't panic now. We'll see where she is if wolf boy over here will sniff her out." Jess explained as she turned to Aldrin's drowsy face.

"Hm? I'll what?" he moaned as he lazily rose up from the bed. Jess grabbed her gloves by the side of the bed, whacked them on and grabbed Aldrin by the arm to drag him out of his comfort. "Ow! Ow! Honey, why do you use those against me all the time?!" 

"Because I can. Now go! Sniff out Micha." she said as she hurled him out of the front door. Aldrin then glared at her over his shoulder, changed into wolf form and started sniffing along the ground; following a trail of Micha's cent. Alex and Jess followed along slowly as they watched him dart from side to side trying to stay on track. Worryingly, he was getting closer to the wall step by step, sniff by sniff. They then reached the edge of the wall and Aldrin looked up to the top of the wall.

"Yep. She's definitely gone over the wall into the wilderness." he mumbled as he stood back up and changed back into human form.

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