Psychotic dreams

This is the day to day account of someone in a mental hospital. It is all about what they think is going on and than what is really going on to this one person. They talk about voices and walls moving when nothing is really happening.


2. Day one (What actually happened)

"I'm not crazy!" Stara shouts as one of the nurses enters the room carrying a tray full of needles that would put people to sleep, "Don't assassinate me it wasn't me it was the voices."

"This is for your own good pet," the nurse said kindly as she edged closer and closer to Stara. Holding one of the needles to Stara's neck. The nurse pushed the needle into Stara's neck and she collapsed onto the small camp bed in her cell. When she awoke Stara started screaming for no reason at the walls.

"You won't take me alive," she yelled hoarsely trying to push the non moving wall backwards. Stepping backwards until she jammed herself between the bed and a wall. One of the nurses walked in and started swatting at a fly on the wall.

"Happy now," the nurse said pointing the fly swat at Stara angrily then she yawned and dropped the fly swat accidentally on Stara's foot.

"Ow what was that for it's not my fault that the voices hate me," Stara said exasperated, "I can't help it is they chose me."

"There are no voices!" the nurse said completely loosing it, "How many times do I have to tell you they are in your head no where else!"

"Hey what's going on," a male nurse said coming into the cell, "Let's leave her alone she needs her rest." Stara blinked at the pair of them confused.

"The voices are real," Stara said grumpily, "They choose me, they came for me and I answered there pleas now they haunt my dreams and they are always there even when I don't want them to be."

"We know dear we will just have to leave you with them for now," the male nurse said kindly then he turned to leave with the second nurse following and Stara could just hear what they was saying, "Poor girl she's only 12 and she is completely mental there are no voices and I feel really sorry for her now."

"Yeah I know poor girl," the second nurse said as they walked away from Stara's cell.

"What were they talking about the voices are real they would see when the voices take over Stara mumbled, "I will be the one that they trust because I brought them here." Stara smiled smugly as she lay down and watched the celling as if it was falling down.

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