I had to, I have to, I will do!

I'm a human.
I fall in love.
Love makes me dizzy.
Dizziness makes me learn.
Learning makes me sad!
Sadness made me you!


2. This is what you get for arrogance!

Kyra's POV


Once I finished my coffee, I got an emergency call from my boss.


''Kyra, you have to get here, we have an injured man here, named...'' I heard mumbeling in the background before Sam, my boss, got back on the phone. ''Louis. Please hurry, we're on our way to the hospital and we'll be in room 19 on floor 1.'' Sam yelled into the phone, as I jotted down any important information. I hung up and folded up the peice of paper in my hand, before heading to room 19 on the first floor.


I frowned to myself before jumping into the elevator and punching floor one. It took a while before I was finally here.


15, 16, 17, 18...19! Found it. I waited outside for  few seconds, but soon enough I saw them arrive. The doctors hauled Louis in, carefully but quickly. One of the doctors mumbled something to me, so I nodded, and rushed over to him. Turns out Louis was in a car accident after having a fight with his clingy ex girlfriend. I shook my head at the amount of clients I get because of girlfriends or boyfriends.


Why don't they all just love their food, like me, instead of some player? I thought to myself, giggling for a second.


Love only aims for the stupid, I guess.


''Alright Louis, just stay calm, we'll getcha out of here in no time, okay?'' I spoke softly to Louis, as he nodded his head at me. The aim was to keep him awake, so I had to talk to him the whole time. ''How are you then?''


''Just shut up and fix me.'' He grumbled, taking me by surprise. I scrunched up my eyebrows, however continued to analyse his damaged leg.


''Well, I'm sorry, but I'm TRYING to do just that!'' I whispered, carefull not to get heard. Lets just hope I hadn't, or else I may be fired soon. I heard another grumble from Louis but ignored it and wrote down all the damage he caused in this accident.


Boy, do I hate arrogant clients!


''Well, Louis, this may hurt, so just keep your eyes on me.'' I grabbed a pair of scissors and faked a smile down to Louis. He shook his head, but closed his eyes, instead of doing what I told him to. I sighed before getting to work, as a few moans escaped Louis' lips.


 Warned ya! I grinned to myself, before grabbing something to wrap around his leg for now.


This is what you get for arrogance!


''Dr. Sam! He's ready.'' I yelled over to Sam, wiping the blood off of my hands on a cloth. Sam nodded slightly before shooing me out of the room.


''Well, I hope I don't encounter HIM again.'' I moaned before stripping the mask off my face. This was one HARD day.

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