I had to, I have to, I will do!

I'm a human.
I fall in love.
Love makes me dizzy.
Dizziness makes me learn.
Learning makes me sad!
Sadness made me you!


3. The Tomlinsons

Kyra's POV


I was on my way home, when my phone started buzzing, signaling a message has been sent. I took a short glimpse at my phone and sighed when I noticed it was just my mum.


From: Mummmaaaa

To: Kyra (<3)

When u gon get hme? Hry, got srprise;)


I giggled at my mum's attempt of text typing before replying quickly.


From: Kyra (<3)

To: Mummmaaaa

On me way now, *excited dance* xx


I pressed the SEND button and put the phone back in my bag, before pulling up near my mum's old range rover. But there was also another red Volvo parked near my mum's car. I frowned and jumped out of the car, pulling my keys out of my pocket and shoving them into the keyhole, pushing the door open and stepping inside. It was surprisingly warm in the house, but I could hear mumbles floating from our living room.


''Hello?'' I called, dumping my bag down and kicking my heels off.


''Oh, Kyra, darling, I want you to meet the Tomlinsons. They just moved in next door...'' She smiled, but then a sad look crossed her face. '' Their son is in hospital, though...He was in a car accident.'' I gasped slightly, even though only about an hour ago there was anothere dude who was in a car accident.


''Oh, poor lad. I'm so sorry. I'm Kyra.'' I smiled, extending a hand for them to shake.


Their was an old lady who looked quite pretty for her age, a young girl, with an innocent look on her face, and a baby in the woman's hand. The lady took my hand with pleasure shaking it kindly.


''Who's THIS cute lad?'' I cooed, knealing down and tickling the baby. She squirmed in her mum's hand, giggling shyly. ''Aww!''


''This...is Delancie.'' She smiled up at me, and straight away, I felt like the happiest person alive. That's the kind of affect babies have on me now a days.


''The lady is called Johannah. The little girl is Marty, and I think you met Delancie.'' My mum whispered in my ear when the whole family was busy chatting to each other. I nodded, letting out a single chuckle before waving goodbye and pounding up the stairs to my room.


I quickly changed into black leggings and a tight Nike crop top. I pulled my hair up in a high pony tail and secured it with a neon head band. I grabbed an empty water bottle, jogging down the stairs and filling it up with refreshing water.


''Mum, I'm going for a little run.'' I yelled out, before carefully slipping on some trainers and jogging out of the door.


I know most people tend to rest after a long shift at work, but when you're a 20 year old doctor, you tend to WANT to stay fit. Besides, I don't get that tired at work.

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