In this book a pack of wolves are living happily in the woods, but not everyone is happy. A young wolf cub called Larria has always wanted to see the human world. After being outcast by her pack she goes to the human world but then she has one problem, all on her own she doesn't know how to fit in as a human.


1. My pack

All Larria had ever wanted was to be considered as part of the pack, and now that she was she wished that she wasn't. Larria was the leader of the packs cub, the daughter of Maverick and Kyla she had the biggest responsibility of all the pack. She had no siblings so she was to be pack leader the moment her farther died.

"Larria can you come here," Maverick called as she skipped over to him. There is one thing about Larria's pack that is different; unlike normal wolf packs or wolves in general Larria's pack spent half of their time as humans and that meant they could talk.

"Hey dad," Larria said walking over in human form so that she looked completely normal. she had long red hair which meant when she was a wolf her fur was bright red as well and her eyes were emerald green.

"Why aren't you in wolf form Larria?" Maverick asked sternly, "Do you want to blow are cover?"

"No but I'm not a wolf for the same reason as you," Larria answered grumpily, "Because I don't want to be a wolf right now you can't do anything as a wolf except hunt, dig and run on four legs not that exciting."

"Now Larria don't be rude to your farther," Kyla (Larria's mum) said sternly. she was beautiful; she had long blond hair so her wolf form was white and she had striking blue eyes. Maverick had brown hair so his wolf form was brown and he had matching brown eyes.

"It's fine Kyla," Maverick said trying to hold back his anger, "Larria will just have to learn to hold her tongue." Larria's temper started rising, that was the problem with being half wolf your temper could sometimes just take over and you wouldn't be able to stop it. Her veins stuck out and turned a dark black her eyes changed to a yellow colour and her teeth became sharper. On the inside her blood and veins were changing to adapt to the form of a wolf and then it was too late she drooped to the floor and became a wolf.

"Larria that's enough," Kyla said sternly so that Larria cowered and stepped back in panic. Larria bared her teeth and her dad transformed and growled back the pair of them stood there both wolves staring at each other praying the other would back down. Eventually Larria gave up and scampered off to calm down as Maverick nodded happily and backed off as well.

"Leave her," he said becoming a human again, "She need to calm down first then we will talk." Kyla nodded as the pair transformed and walked off together to go and hunt.

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