Taken By Destiny

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Lucy Harper, a 16 year old teen is happy in her own world of family, school, best friends and love. She expects nothing more from her life. Content and settled, she soon realizes that in our life we have to fight for our loved ones, their life and make everlasting sacrifices.

"You have to come back." His deep whisper was all that made me cry.

"I will come back. I promise."


With secret whispers, dark looming shadows, piercing screams, hidden messages, unlikely meetings, it took no time for her to realize that she had to fight something extremely big, something extremely harmful, something extremely crazy for revenge in the coming moment of her life.

Her only strength is her faith in herself, her love for her people, her tears of her suffering.

Can she fight against her destiny with her love? Because we often hear, we reach where we start.

© RoseSunshine 2013
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3. Chapter 10 + Author's Note!


So, I have made my decision people! 

I am stopping the uploads of "Taken By Destiny" on www.movellas.com with a Chapter 10 as a 2nd sneak peak chapter! If you want to read the whole story, link is on my profile and even in the previous chapter. It's absolutely free on Wattpad!

Also, The actual cover of TBD is different!

Stay Tuned, Stay Awesome!


Chapter 10- The Past Has Been Awakened!

There was pin drop silence; for hundreds of miles from that house no one had been seen. Only winds had blown into howls, only weeds had grown between grasses, only moors had spread on the land and only she lay there.

She had been kept in that casket, in the middle of that house. No living soul had been there for her, only she, accompanied with her miseries and despairs. Her life had gone and her body was just a thing now—a useless thing. And yet, her soul was intact, her memories were embedded like gravel stones in it. Like swift wind, it kept drifting on and on, alone and emotionless.

She saw through it, she saw it as if it was only yesterday when she was born. As the soul and the life within drifted far from the body, making it decay, she started remembering how it all started.

It felt like it was just yesterday they had met, though torturous years had passed in between.

She was the only daughter of a swordsman and he was the heir of the royal family. If she had known that dwelling on royals is not right, she would have avoided colliding in him that fateful day. But alas, it had happened and a fire had passed through her heart. A fire burning hot like lava and spreading beat by beat into her body, consuming her into it. The next moment was crucial when she had lost hold of herself.

He had gently held her and saved her from falling. But oh the irony of the situation, she had already fallen vast deep into him. He smiled politely and bowed, “My apologizes madame. I was consumed in my thoughts, desolate.”

She smiled and nodded for once wishing she was his equal. A blush appeared on her rosy cheeks as she scolded herself mentally.

‘Sweet Jesus, you are only 8 years old and you are thinking like this. What would mama think?’

She saw herself introduce her and she saw him kiss her fingers lightly. The hillside where they had met for the first time was completely showered by tulips, her favorite. He gently plucked one and taking her hands in his, he kept one there. Even then, though only 2 years older than her, he was already a gentleman.

“Until next time, Mon-amie.”

As he walked away her heart had fluttered and a glowing sweet liquid had pooled in it. She remembered his words as she remembered him. He had called her ‘his friend’ and that was the end of her.

Or rather, we should say a new beginning of an epic era had started. An era filled with love, pain, heartbreak, jealousy, hatred and anger. From that day she had started writing their story—their story which was going to be recalled in incessant generations. It was going to be no common story for people.

In her mind, he had already been vowed to her and her love had taken a new path. Tentacles of sensation, wonder and awe for him had ripened in her heart. From that day, from that moment forth, his soul had become hers.

And years may pass, people may die, gut-wrenching cries may be heard, she wouldn’t care. She would make sure it remained like that.

As she glanced at her rotting corpse, she couldn’t help but relive her last moments. She was absorbed in loving him that she couldn’t foresee her own destruction. She had never predicted that his demons would come after her too. For the girl who was in love with him, she was foolish and childish.

But she just couldn’t help it, and so she started paving her way in his heart—paving it by clutching it hard until it became trash. The last look he had given her had extinguished the fire within her soul, making it light and irreparable. She had died that day with everything she had.

From the second she died, she loathed him. Even in black waters where she had lost herself, she couldn’t forget the pain of her death, of her last breath. They said that death is peaceful, that death is our last memory, but they never said it was immortal. They had never told that it stays with us with our sin and our virtue. She was never told that it haunts us, even in heaven and in hell.

In a matter of minutes, she was gone from the world, only to be born with more strength, with a strong retribution. She floated in shadows, she craved for the dark, she swallowed his weakness, and she attacked. This time, her attack was brutal and with a sheer excitement passing through her, she had dragged his heart down with her. Her laugh had been downright cruel as she watched his destruction.

It had happened before but the tables had turned. It was not her who was weak this time, it was him. She was already dead, how could she die once more?

But she only committed two small mistakes, which again burned her. She had ignored two small details related to him. At once, when she was alerted, the time had gone. She wasn’t defeated this time, but she hadn’t won completely. Some fragment of his soul lived in front of her, growing old day by day. But she couldn’t do anything about it. She couldn’t go past that window; she couldn’t go past that person who separated his soul and her. And hence the second mistake, she had ignored that person itself.

But try as she may, she knew she would never hurt that human being who would always smile politely when she would pass, who would always lend her a helping hand, on whose shoulder she had cried many times, whose hands had bandaged her bruises, who had loved her as she was. But alas when she noticed that beautiful flower of love, she had already died.

For the first time she had felt guilty, she wanted to fall on her knees and ask for forgiveness. She too, wanted to love him, hug him and feel being truly loved. At that split second, a thousand thoughts had rushed through her. She had unintentionally taken no notice of the love he had for her and instead kept crushing after the bastard.

But the deal was done and the time had passed. She couldn’t let herself melt; she couldn’t be a weakling now; after all there was no second option for her.

She had to burn in order to kill, she had to be smoke in order to live, she had to be strong in order to hate.

Finally wafting away from that house where she had her beginning and her end, she looked back at it. Reduced to a mere shadow of life, she cast her eyes on the infinite sky, praying, that her body would just crush with that house. Both of them were of no use to her, best they go out of her life once and for ever.

 Been awakened after whole 82 years, she felt that jostle of static electricity inside her, the nervous thrill beating like heartbeat inside her. She smiled maliciously as she rose, high towards the sky. Her fumy mind all set on the matter in hand.

When she had made a promise to herself on her deathbed, she didn’t anticipate the consequences. But finally she grasped the rigidity of it. Nevertheless, a promise is a promise and she was on a mission. She would at last put an end to the unending mess. She would seek, fight and battle her way in the opponent’s life. She would set the demons of her past free in the wind.

She laughed when she took in that her opponent was a teenager—a harmless, defenseless, innocent girl. She glided on the fact that her desired end would come near, that she would finally be free. She felt satisfied to know that her promise would be kept.

Only this time, she would tie all the loose ends. This time she would be free from death—in every meaning of the word.

As the wind gained speed, I soared high. Higher and higher I went, I saw though the maze. I saw the pawn to be squashed and the next move to be taken. I was the queen here, I could move like I want. Nothing and nobody could stop me from gaining my kingship of freedom.

As clouds, I floated; As rain, I poured; As snow, I fell; As oxygen, I breathed. This was what I had turned into, a bodiless soul, a lone attacker. The material thing I wanted in my life was love, but all I got was hate.

I can see the trees, I can smell the earth, I can float in the ocean and I can gaze at the sky. All my anger, all my hatred, all my disdain, all my sorrows, all my peccadillo would melt. I would be the sharp claw that would tear her heart from her body. I would be the violent downpour that would drown her body. I would be that pointed knife that would slice her body.

He killed me, he burned me and he ended me. He made the strike. Although I had revenge, she remained unscathed. She laid there on her chair waiting and waiting for me. But I was powerless at that time; he had defeated me again.

But not this time and never again would he win. He died and my vengeance has started. It is her time to die now. I would kill her generation; I would make her family extinct. In the upcoming era, everyone’s life would turn.

My Lord, I have been awakened and it’s their time to pray and pay.


But it wasn’t only that she was awoken, someone else had also risen. The past was coming into present now. The only way to fight the battle would be to deal with it. The battle which has been fought for generations would come to an end now.

He knew what the story was, how the scandal was suppressed. At that time, he was too late to stop it. His never regretted that he loved her. His only regret was that he couldn’t even save her, stop her by making regretful choices.

But this time, the story was different. Though the reason was the same, the fighters were tougher. He had faith in Lucy. He had faith that she would not turn out like her. He had seen a spark in her that had ignited a glow in him. He had waited for that glow for nearly half a century now.


For the first time ever, he saw that twinkling icicle of hope.




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