Story Of My Life~A Story About My Life!!

Hi my name is Sirena Rienzi and u know what u might know me and u might not. But u know what none of u know the story of my life. If u want to know more then just read this story of my life and u may or may not enjoy it but if u like it then favor it. Please read if wanted I'm not orcing anyone to read this story though!!


2. What to think s gonna happen??

   I'm on my bed in my room thinking while I'm blacked out what's gonna happen. So then it hit me I woke up and I just couldn't stop panting. But then all of a sudden I remembered that this day the 24th the day before Christmas is Louis TOMINLSONS birthday. So I went after my iPod laid back down and wrote down a letter but I never got to send it because I know that he wouldn't appreciate it even though I am a directioner. Plus I was fine afterwards. 

     Then when I'm in the living room watching TV I go into my room because it was 9:00 at night and I was walkin for Santa and then when I went to go look for Santa I didn't hear a thi for see him because be was so quick. So I was all done I wasn't looking for Santa anymore. I went to go and see if he answered my meter and he did and he answered it. So I went up to the tray with the cookies and carrots that we had put on there and Ll of the carrots were gone and so were the cookies except for 1 it was bitten and it had to be Santa because, no one else would have a big bite like that except for Jessica but she's no up that early. So I was happy what I had got I got a new justin Bieber t shirt a one direction long sleeved shirt and a lot more. But what I think was under the tree was a puppy because of the holes in the top but actually it was just all different board vans and wii games and a new wii too. So we were all happy for each other because of what we got. 

   Well now everyone came over and we all ate Christmas dinner and had fun. But u should just think about how much u and your family love each other. But atleast we all were together having family time. Well I guess u can probably guess of Tkeast think about what happened next. Well sometimes with everyone included and enjoying each others funniness. Atleast we were having fun. Well now guess what happens next. 

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