Story Of My Life~A Story About My Life!!

Hi my name is Sirena Rienzi and u know what u might know me and u might not. But u know what none of u know the story of my life. If u want to know more then just read this story of my life and u may or may not enjoy it but if u like it then favor it. Please read if wanted I'm not orcing anyone to read this story though!!


1. How it all started??

Hi my name is Sirena. I'm going I tell u about the story Of my life and how it all started. It all started when I was 1 yrs old. I was little and plus I'm the baby in my family. But my family loved me until one day. When I had gotten older my mom had told me before me there was a brother and he died. So I never had a brother and plus I don't have a lot of friends other. The things tht matter the most though is that my family loves me. So when I tell you all about me and my family don't be scare because sometimes when I type or write about them I start to cry because I the people I loved had died. 

  Well then here we go. When I got older and I was about let's say 8-10yrs old my ma told me that I had asthma and tht if I out of breath then I might die and I will never come back. But lucky I'm here today at age 13 and I'm all heathly but I was sent to the hospital on September 28,2013 because of my asthma. If your wondering why I was using my inhaler Nd I just couldn't stop because I could breath but when I went to the hospital I thought I was gonna die. But luckily they took me right in and then when I went to go to my room I had to be wheel haired there because, I couldn't walk Nd I think you know why. Well when my Sthma all started was when I was 10 yrs old it was bad and it was on December 24,2010 and I had passed out. Well when I passed out it was like a bad dream because I couldn't see anything or hear anything all I could see and hear was darkness. I was so scared that day but atleast I didn't go to the hospital I was at home and I was all righ well for atleast four hours a d then I blacked out again I was so scared. But then it struck me......

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