Fairwolf: The city of Steam

Description: Fairwolf, a city of power and pollution, where the only way to go up in this metropolis is to be wealthy and powerful. Willow Ellinway is one of the citizens of the polluted and powerful city Fairwolf. Will she discover the mysteries of Fairwolf?


3. Chapter 3

“What’s this? Is it some sort of scroll?” Willow said as she laid out the scroll on the table.

“Wait is this a chores list? Theirs like 50 chores.” Willow said surprisingly.

“Indeed it is the chores list. You must complete all these chores each week, and if you don’t complete these every week then we will not feed you for the week next, you will only be allowed to eat bread and milk, now I would recommend start doing those chores now so you have less to be doing for the week ahead.” Mrs Rallen said cheerfully.

“What do I get if I complete the chores in less than a week?” Willow hoping to get something like a toy or food or maybe something she can use to keep the bugs at bay.

“You will get the gratitude of completing the chores and maybe something nice to eat, that’s only if you get all the chores done. Oh and may I add you might get 10- 15 minutes of free time to do what you want as week, this will all happen only if you complete every single one of those chores before a week ends.” Mrs Rallen said.

“But that’s unfair! So let me get this straight, if I finish all these chores before a week ends I will maybe get something nice to eat and free time for 10-15 minutes every week! This is outrageously unfair!” Willow said sternly and furiously.

“You live under my house so you follow my rules now go to your room right now you little brat!” Mrs Rallen said angrily.

“Fine!” Willow said as she stormed down into the basement angrily.

As Willow walked into her new basement of a room she heard Mrs Rallen lock the basement doors, locking her inside for the rest of the night with the bugs and spiders everywhere and the note still on the closet door. Willow knew she forgot to get something when she was on the first floor of the household.

The chores list was absurdly long, and some of the stuff Willow has to do are ridiculous. Some of the chores are: Washing the dishes, putting away the dishes, cleaning the walls of the house inside and out, vacuum the house twice, clip the hedges out the back and front, wash the veranda twice, fix any damages to the house, take out the rubbish and so on and so on, the list keeps going on and on from there.

The bug infestation looked to be getting worse. Willow had to create something and quick before the entire floor was covered in spiders and other bugs, they were climbing all over Willow but she consistently brushed them off, she had to find where they were coming from so she looked about the room for a gap or hole in the wall that they could come out of, the bugs seemed to be coming in from the hole that was under the table, Willow grabs all the things and anything else that was on the table and puts them on the floor knowing she would have to wipe off any of the insects that crawled onto the items. Willow pulls the table from being up against the wall and pushes it over so that the flat table was facing the wall and pushes it so the hole was covered.

Willow stood there still wiping the bugs off her ankles that kept climbing onto her. She kept trying to think of a way to open the closet doors without a key, first she thought pushing the closet over but she figured she wouldn’t be strong enough and that whatever’s inside might break or shatter making it unusable. Another idea was that she could try to snap off one of the legs of the table and either hit the closet doors to break them or pry the door open with it. Willow goes to snap off one of the legs but then notices that she picked up that metal frying pan. Willow holds the frying pan in both her hands and pointing the sharpest point at the closet and with all her strength she hits the closet doors making a slight scratch in the wooden doors, Willow swings the frying pan at the doors again in the same spot making the scratch deeper in the door. After taking another 2 to 3 shots at the door Willow finally decides that it would take all night to break the doors at this rate, so she tries to pry the door open with the same frying pan she tried to break the doors with. Willow slides the thinnest part of the frying pan in between the crack in between each of the doors and pulls towards herself as hard as she could trying to ignore the bugs climbing up her ankles and legs at the same time.

Willow pulled and pulled but the door just wouldn’t budge. The insects were still trying to climb up her ankles, making it incredibly difficult to stay focused on pulling the doors. Willow stopped and threw the pan against the stone walls of the basement and just stood there still wiping the bugs off her ankles. She walked around the room looking for something to use, but it seemed like there was nothing that she could actually use. Willow walked and walked and walked about the room until she remembered the hair pins she had in her pocket that she got from her parents just in case her red ribbon got lost. Willow pulled one of them out and tried to picklock the door using the hair pins she had. Willow had never really picked a lock so it was very difficult, though it didn’t take very long for her to finally unlock the door. Willow opened the closet doors to find an old looking vacuum that had the letters R.I which stood for Rallen Industries. The vacuum was one of Rallen Industries first products they made but there was also another item in the wooden closet as well, it was a picture.

The picture looked to be years old. The picture was grey and the paper was all torn on the sides. The picture looked to be of an industry, a massive factory. In the corner though you could see a young man and women waving and smiling in the picture, they looked sort of familiar to Willow but she just ignored it and continued to look to see if she could recognise anything else in the picture. After 5 more minutes of staring at this picture she flipped the page over to neither reveal a name, not a person’s name nor a name of an item like a chair or table, it had the name of what seemed to be the name of the factory on the front of the paper. The name on the back of the picture only said one word, Industries; the other word seemed to have been torn off. Willow decides to put the piece of paper in her pocket just in case she needs it again. Willow looks over at the table she pushed over and notices that there must have been termites in the group because there was a giant hole where the table was blocking the hole.

Willow reacts quite quickly and scrambles around the room collecting the things she found around the room earlier including the vacuum and tries to think of a way to make a device to suck the bugs up into the vacuum and killing them at the same time. Willow pulls up the table and places everything up on it.

It didn’t take too long but eventually Willow had created a contraption that would kill them and then suck them up into the vacuum for her to dispose of later when the basement doors are unlocked. Willow stuck the top part of the broom onto the frying pan handle with lots and lots of the sticky tape to make it secure enough that it wouldn’t fall apart, now that Willow had these things Willow could first wack the bugs which will kill them and then vacuum the dead bodies of the insects into the vacuum.

As Willow went for her first hit on the ground she hears a sound, the sound of doors being unlocked, the basement doors were being opened by Mr Rallen and he was shocked at the amount of insects covering the floor. He was traumatised at the site of the insects and rushed off to tell Mrs Rallen about the insects.

As Willow stood there in the basement holding the broom and frying pan, she could hear the loud talking of Mrs Rallen who was rushing to the basement doors. Mrs Rallen looked down onto the floor and saw the thousands of insects covering the floor as well as Willow standing there with the broom and frying pan invention she made earlier.

“Willow! I thought you had cleaned this filth up by now! And what is that thing you’re holding in your hand? And also why is the closet doors open!?” Mrs Rallen said furiously.

“Um this thing I’m holding in my hand is my invention to help kill and get rid of the bugs. You didn’t tell me that there was going to be thousands of insects here!” Willow said furiously back at her.

“Young lady! How dare you speak to me like that! Why, how dare you think about opening property that doesn’t belong to you! You are lucky you’re not on the street in the northern district begging for freedom and money! I am your guardian until the police find someone in your blood line and until you leave this household you are to do as I say and treat me like your real mother! And why in hell would you need to create such a ridiculous piece of junk when we gave you this perfect brush for you to use. Tomorrow I will be giving you your house rules list that you must follow or else punishment worse than the punishments for the chores list will be dealt for you young lady. Now get out of this room, sit on the chair in the lounge and wait till we call you back once this room is cleaned up for you by your generous guardians!” Mrs Rallen said in a fit of rage.

Willow walks out of the room filled with anger from what Mrs Rallen said. Willow went and sat on a chair in the lounge like Mrs Rallen said but what Willow had found was her toy rabbit sitting on the chair, so Willow picked Angela up and hugged her while she was look around the room for anything she could take with her to create something else that might be useful for her to use in another invention. Willow had taken quite a love for inventing after her creating that simple little thing that she was going to use to kill all the insects with. After an hour of waiting, Mrs Rallen finally yells for Willow to come back inside the basement. Willow walks over to the door while trying to hide a fire poker she stole from the fireplace, she is also bringing with her Angela, her beloved toy rabbit.

“We finally cleaned out all those bloody insects you were supposed to clean out, and we locked anything else you might have thought about braking in too. Now go down there and go to sleep.” Mrs Rallen said.

Willow walks through the doors to find that indeed all the insects had been cleared from the room; Willow did not talk to Mrs Rallen or Mr Rallen as Willow was very angry and didn’t want to create another argument. Willow walks into the room and a massive crash of the doors come in behind her as Mrs Rallen closes, and locks the doors.

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