The Exploding Train

This is a short story crossover between D. Gray-man and Fullmetal Alchemist, the only characters from each Anime will be Edward Elric from FMA and Allen Walker from DGM.
This is a story that I wrote as one of my english homework and I thought it was reasonably alright so here it is.
I hope you enjoy it!!! :)


1. The Exploding Train


The noise was growing louder and louder by the second as the train raced down the hillside, plummeting out of control towards the bottom, causing the outside landscape to move in a huge blur past our window.
‘Attention passengers, I would like to tell you all to remain seated, we are currently trying to stop the train, so please stay calm.' Called out a male voice from a speaker in the corner of our train compartment. "Damn people, why can't they check the trains before they let people on them?" I thought bitterly.
I'm Edward Elric, I'm travelling with his best friend, Allen Walker, to stay at my aunt's house in Yorkshire, because both of my parents are now dead and Allen was an orphan anyway, so you get the picture.
'Hey Al, don't you think that they should of put the brakes on by now?' I wondered out loud, sending concerned glance at my white haired friend, who nodded, looking slightly greener than he should. "Come on, what are they waiting for? A good kick I think."
'Come on Al, let's go and see if we can speed things up a little.' I grinned, standing up and walking towards our compartment door. 'Or you could always stay here?' I teased, knowing very well that Allen got train sick a lot.
'Shut up! I'm coming alright?' He groaned, dragging himself to his feet and following me out of the small room and down the train's corridor.
Once we'd got into the main part of the train I was starting to worry even more. "Ok, they should definitely of put the brakes on by now, so why haven't they?"
Just then the train jerked as it went around a shallow corner, sending us both sliding forwards and towards the end of the carriage. "Why me?" I thought as we both collided with the door, knocking off it's hinges and Allen only just managed to grab a hold of my hood as I slipped out of the now broken door.
'Ha, can I fly Ed next please.' Joked the silver eyed boy, mimicking Roo from Winnie the Pooh half-heartedly. 'Watch out Ed, or you might just fly away.'
I could almost feel the steam rushing out of my ears. 'Well it's not my fault you bumped into me and almost knocked me out of the train!' I yelled, balling my hands into fists and then turning and jumping onto the back of the last train carriage. "We're almost there."
Sprinting the last part of the way, we made it to the door of where the controls for the train were just as another train came into view. 'Um hey, Al, isn't that train supposed to be on the other line?' I asked loudly, but my voice was carried away by the wind and Allen didn't hear me so I shrugged it off. "If we're distracted then it'll be harder to concentrate on what needs to be done."
Once we'd gotten inside of the control compartment we were surprised to see that there was no one else inside. "What happened? Where did everyone go!" I thought, frantically racking my brains for anything that I could of missed that would of given away where the conductor and driver had disappeared to.
'Oh, we're in trouble.' Muttered Allen and I barely heard him over the racket the engines were making. "Ugh, why do trains always have to be so loud?"
'Why are we in trouble?' I yelled in the white haired teen's ear, making him jump slightly.
'There's two reasons, one; we're heading for another train at full speed and are there for likely to explode when we crash. Second; I don't think this was an accident.' The last part of what Allen had just said took a while to sink in, but then the terrible truth of what had happened caught up with me. "Someone had set this up. Someone was planning on killing all the people on both of these trains. Who would do such a thing?"
'We have to do something!' I screeched over the sounds of the train, and Allen gave a determined nod as he went to work trying to fix the brakes, that we now found out, had been almost completely ruined.
"Come on, come on, come on!" I thought to myself in frustration as the wires that I was trying to put together sparked at me. "You stupid bit of metal!"
Suddenly I heard Allen give a triumphant "Whoop!" beside me. 'Ed I think I got it!' He shouted, a small smile playing on his lips and I gave him the thumbs up.
'Well what are you waiting for? An invitation?' I called back, rolling my golden eyes at my friend. "Why is he so much better than me at so many different things? It's just not fair!"
Pulling myself back to reality I watched as Allen tried again and again to stop the train or, even just slow it down, but it didn't work and little by little the smile fell from his scarred face.
'We're not going to make it.' I saw him mouth, giving me a tragic look and making my chest clench slightly. "I can't die here! No, I refuse to die here and I won't let Allen die either!"
And as the trains got closer and closer to one another I made the decision that I always made. I made the decision to run away. 'We are going to make! Idiot! We have to jump!'
'But Ed! We can't just run away like that! What about all the people on the train!' Yelped Allen, I knew he wasn't expecting me to say that, but I wasn't willing to risk his safety, even if it meant that others had to die.
'If they're smart they'll jump to! And if not then they weren't supposed to of lived today!' I replied forcefully, standing up and facing away from my friend. "I'm sorry Allen, but I can't lose you to. It might be selfish of me but, I just can't lose anyone else."
I turned my head slightly as I sensed Allen climb to his feet and I yelped in pain as he punched me, making collapse to the floor, clutching my now bleeding nose. 'What the heck was that for!'
'That, was for being an idiot! He yelled loudly, glaring at me through teary silver eyes. 'How could you even suggest us leaving without even telling people about the situation first!' Screeched the snowy-haired boy.
Now I felt bad, I watched helplessly as small tears ran down my friend's cheeks, dripping off of his chin and splatting onto the floor. 'Huh, way to make me feel bad Al, fine, now where's the microphone?'
I scrambled to my feet with the help of the useless control panel and grabbed the microphone from where it hung.
'Attention everyone. You all need to get off of this train immediately, we're heading toward another train and so unless you want to die, I suggest you jump.' I stated bluntly, before turning to Allen. 'That good enough for you?'
The white haired teen nodded and held out his hand to me. 'Let's go.'
I smiled and took his hand. 'Together.' I nodded and we climbed up to the window of the carriage. "Please can we live through this."
'On three?' I called, looking over at the boy who had become a brother to me and giving him a watery grin.
'On three.' He agreed, squeezing my hand and returning my grin with one that was equally scared.
I glanced quickly out of the window and felt my stomach sink slightly. "Brilliant, heights and water, the two things I hate most and we're about to jump into them." I thought grimly.
'One... Two... Three...' We chorused and upon getting to the number we'd agreed on we jumped.
The sensation that came with falling felt strangely calming as well as exhilarating at the same time, the warmth of Allen's hand in mine also comforted me and I turned to smile at him to find that he was gazing at the water that was rapidly approaching us.
Faintly I heard the sound of the two trains meeting and the loud explosion that followed, but it didn't really bother me. "We helped all we could."
"This is actually quite nice." I thought, shutting my eyes and letting my energies flow into my other senses, I could still feel Allen's hand, firmly clasped in mine, the wind tugging at my hair felt nice too. "I wish this wouldn't end." I thought tiredly.
I felt unconsciousness begin to pull at my mind but I fought it. "If I fall asleep and die then what will happen to Allen? And Aunt Pinako and Winry? No, I can't let myself fall asleep." But even as I was thinking this I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the darkness.
And soon my will broke, I let sleep wrap it's huge, warm blanket around me and then there was nothing, just silence.


Hi there everyone!!! I hope you all enjoyed the story my lovely readers~


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