The Next Generation

It's Rose's first year at Hogwarts, and everything is going well... Until the mysterious Scorpius shows up...


4. Letters...

Sunlight streamed through the elaborately decorated stained glass windows of the Gryffindor, girls first year dormitory. It was a beautiful Autumn morning, the sun was up, not a cloud in the sky, and a sweet breeze gently wafting through the castle. Rose slowly sat up, and opened the crimson velvet curtains, that surrounded her dark wood four poster bed. She had been in such a hurry to escape the awkward situation the previous night, that she did not even know, who she was rooming with. Rose looked around, she could see that there were four other beds in the room, but before she could go any further into investigating who their occupants were, she heard a light rapping one the window. Outside, a young light brown owl was flying impatiently around, waiting to be let in. Rose wondered who it was for, but even if it was not for her, she ought to let the poor creature in. Slowly, careful not to disturb anyone, Rose made her way to the stained glass window. Gently opening it so that it would not creak, she opened the window, and let the owl in. It creature flew around the room for a bit, before sticking it's leg out to Rose, so that she could take the note attached. Then, without further warning, the young bird took flight, through the open window and onto the grounds below, leaving Rose standing there with a letter, her name plastered on the front. Gingerly she opened the letter, the words "COME HERE NOW!" Were scrawled in blotted ink. Wondering who it was from, Rose turned over the parchment, and on the back was one name, "Scorpius".

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