From Belieber to Nialler

Nabella has always been a Belieber, but when she is forced to go to a Meet & Greet with her nephew to meet One Direction, she quickly has a change of mind. Nabella has always been a sucker for blondes, so when Niall start to goof around with her nephew, her heart melts and she can't help the feeling. But what are the chances that Niall feels the same way? They are actually pretty big, and lets just say that the M&G isn't the last time the two meet. Read along and watch how their love unfolds!!!


30. Making the best of it

I guess I had fallen asleep on the couch with Niall while the others had been talking. Being in homely surroundings made me feel at ease and safe and the sound of familiar voices only comforted me. I was woken up by Niall who had his loving eyes on me while I tried to figure out time and place. 

Niall: "Hey sleepyhead. Its almost 1am and Adrian says its quiet outside now."

Nabella: "How long have I been out for?" 

Niall: "Uuh about 3 hours!"

Nabella: "Well that's embarrassing!"

Niall: "Don't worry about it. Dating a superstar can be tough!" he joked.

I gave him a weak nudge and got up to help my mom carry out the empty coffee mugs and cake plates. 

Nabella: "Looks like you guys managed to have a good time without me."

Mom: "Nialls a sweetheart. And he's madly in love with you - so of course we are able to get along with him and enjoy his stories from around the world!"

Nabella: "Yeah I'm jealous of all the stuff he's experienced! Can't wait to join him in some of the countries he keeps going on about!"

Niall walked in the kitchen with the last empty beer cans that him and my dad had drank. 

Niall: "So do you wanna head out?"

Nabella: "It's really up to you babe. We have a spare room here as well if you're too tired to leave!"

Niall: "Well I was actually thinking... are you tired or did that nap give you energy to stay awake for a little?"

I couldn't tell if he was being dirty minded or had other plans in mind, so instead of thinking naughty, I acted dumb.

Nabella: "The power nap did it for me. Whats on your mind?"

Niall: "Well since we've been spotted we're not gonna be able to walk around tomorrow. So I was thinking we could just take a walk downtown through the quiet streets?"

Mom: "That sounds romantic!"

I turned my head towards my mom and rolled my eyes at her for interrupting my conversation with Niall. 

Niall laughed at my reaction and came over to give me a hug. He knew I could be a little grumpy right when woken up, because he was the exact same way!

Nabella: "Sounds romantic" I said in the same way my mom had said it, making sure she knew I was mocking her. 

Niall: "Great then its a date!"

Niall left the kitchen to let Adrian know about the plan and I finished my conversation with my mom. 

About 5 minutes later we were saying our goodbyes and walking to the car. 

We made it downtown without traffic or any other obstacles and parked the car near the walking street. The streets were like a ghost movie, completely empty and completely quiet, just like I wanted it. The christmas lights dangled all over the city and it made the while scenario that much better. We walked up through the walking street and window shopped. I showed him my favorite stores and told him stories about all the times I used to sneak into downtown Copenhagen to go shopping without my mom knowing, and how I had to hide the shopping bags when I had actually boughten something. 

Niall: "You're crazy haha! Imagine if you still had to hide the shopping bags from your mom. With the amount of clothes you always buy that would be mission impossible!"

We continued walking around the shopping street and looking at stores with Adrian keeping a comfortable distance, staying close by but still giving us privacy. We had reached the end of the shopping street and I recommended we turned down a street which is known as the party street, because there are so many bars and pubs along as clubs nearby. There was also a 7/11 on the street, which was my main target of the street. I told Niall to wait outside and I went in to buy 3 hot chocolates (one for dear Adrian as well) I came back out and we continued our walk. I started telling Niall embarrassing and drunken stories about some of my wild nights out and some of the funny memories I had of this street. He laughed at most of my stories and I could tell that he was enjoying learning so many new things about my past, because it made him feel like a bigger part of my life. 

I'd lost completely track of time but when I checked my watch it was almost 3.30 am. I looked up at the sky and right as I did the first snowflake landed in my eye. I twitched and turned towards Niall with excitement!

Nabella: "If it wasn't for my drunken and ridiculous stories that I'm telling right now, this night couldn't get anymore perfect!"

Niall: "Do you love the snow as much as me?"

Nabella: "Are you kidding? Besides laying on a beach in 30 degree weather, snow is my favorite condition!"

We slowly started walking back towards the car hand in hand. Even though the scene was set for complete romance, it was also getting really cold and the hot chocolate didn't do the trick of warming us up as I'd hoped for. By the time we reached the car the ground was completely covered in a thin layer of snow and the sky was filled with millions of flakes all around us. Niall looked me in the eyes and pulled me close and before entering the back seat we shared a kiss so passionate that it warmed my whole entire body up in seconds!

Niall: "Thanks for showing this side of you and sharing these memories with me."

Nabella: "Thanks for looking at the bright side of things and making the best of the situation! This was great. I have never experienced Copenhagen by night like this ever! Truly magical!"

Niall: "Truly magical" he repeated and placed a kiss on my forehead, on my nose, on each cheek and another on my mouth. 

Adrian sat patiently in the car, but started the engine to give us a hint that he wanted to leave now. We got in the back of the car and Adrian drove off.  We were quiet in the car ride home. Both of us just taking in the beautiful scenery of Denmark being covered in a layer of white and peaceful snow through each of our windows. When I looked back other towards Niall, he was already admiring me. 

Niall: "How did I get so lucky"

Whenever he gave me compliments I got the butterflies inside and turned into a 12 year old kid who doesn't know how to react. 

Nabella: "I'm the lucky one silly!"

Niall: "Babe you have no idea how you make me feel!"

Nabella: "If its anywhere near the way you make me feel, I think I might have an idea!"

Niall just smiled at me and reached out for my hand that was resting in the empty seat space between us. We both knew that we made each other feel complete, and that thought was so powerful that words couldn't describe it. Therefore we just sat in silence with out hands tightly wrapped around one another until we reached my apartment!

Adrian got out first to check the surroundings and then opened the back door to let us out. We thanked him for a wonderful evening and for being patient with us. Niall informed him that we would be sleeping in and suggested that he did the same. I locked Niall and I in my apartment complex before waving him goodbye. I looked down at my phone to check the time and noted that it was almost 4.30 am. I agreed with Niall - we were defiantly going to be sleeping in! 


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