From Belieber to Nialler

Nabella has always been a Belieber, but when she is forced to go to a Meet & Greet with her nephew to meet One Direction, she quickly has a change of mind. Nabella has always been a sucker for blondes, so when Niall start to goof around with her nephew, her heart melts and she can't help the feeling. But what are the chances that Niall feels the same way? They are actually pretty big, and lets just say that the M&G isn't the last time the two meet. Read along and watch how their love unfolds!!!


31. F.C. Copenhagen

Not having set an alarm, Niall and I woke up around noon because the bright rays from the sun had finally made their way through the thick layers of snowy clouds. Niall and I were laying so close to each other that our bodies had practically became one. Luckily the cold temperatures outside made it bearable to be laying that close and his body heat was actually comforting.

Niall: "Wow I cant remember the last time I got to sleep in like this. It's nice."

I smiled at him and gave him a kiss. His morning voice was raspy and his eyes were still half way shut. But the kiss made a smile appear upon his lips.

Niall: "Do we really not have any plans today at all?"

Nabella: "Nope, nothing that we NEED to do."

I exaggerated the need so he would ask into it - and knowing Niall he did.

Niall: "What does that mean?"

Nabella: "Well if you dont want to do anything we can just stay inside and order take away and watch movies, but F.C. Copenhagen has a home game this afternoon that I thought you might find interesting. I know you're a sucker for Derby but I'm a sucker for F.C. Copenhagen! Been a fan since I was a little kid!"

Niall: "No way? You know I love football. I'd be down to watch a game and see my bae in action - all passionate about her local team!"

Nabella: "HEY! Don't mock me! I'm dead serious when it comes to my team!" I said warning him but still having a sarcastic undertone so he knew I wasn't mad or too serious about it.

Niall: "No you're right! I'm sorry it came out like that! I'd love to go to the match. What time is it?"

Nabella: "Apology accepted! I'm glad you'll go with me. Missing a home game would be torturous for me, but I'd do it for you! Kick off is at 5 pm."

Niall: "Awww what a compliment babe!" He said jokingly.

Nabella: "Oh shut up! I know you feel the same way about missing a game with Derby playing."

Niall: "Point proven!"

Nabella: "Good! So I usually watch the game from the sponsor section but since we have been spotted and people will be on the lookout I figured we get tickets in the hooligan section where the fans stand and cheer and 95% are guys who would die for the club."

Niall: "That's good thinking, but are you sure that's safe?!"

Nabella: "Are you kidding? They're nothing but loyal fans and as long as you're cheering for the same team there's nothing but love! HAHA!!"

Niall: "Well that does sound fun! I usually watch Derby from sponsor as well so getting in close and getting into the crowd will be fun! Let's hope Adrians okay with this idea!!!"

Nabella: "Crab I had almost forgotten about Adrian!"

Niall: "Nah it should be fine as long as he comes with us. Let me call him right away and tell him the plan for later!"

Niall got up and picked up his phone from the dresser and went to the other room to make the call. 3 minutes later he returned with a smile on his face and thumbs up.

Niall: "Adrian's in and excited for the match as well!"

Nabella: "Perfect! Then that's settled. This should be fun!"

Niall got back in bed and we spent the next 20-30 minutes catching up on social medias and laughing at funny tweets and instagram posts.

While looking through twitter and seeing Olivers update page tweeting about everything that Nial and I had done so far in Denmark,  I realized that Oliver would probably figure out that I would be going to the game since I always went. I decided to call Oliver and ask him if he wanted the tickets for tonight since I wouldn't be needing them. This would throw him off and have him occupied at the game as well. It wouldn't be lying it would just be distracting him.

I told Niall about my plan and he gave me credit for thinking everything through.

Niall: "I feel bad that I have to put you through so much work every time you try to do normal stuff now."

Nabella: "Niall! Seriously how many times do I have to tell you to stop apologizing and saying sorry? I love you and I love everything we do together. All this extra work is so worth it babe."

Niall: "Hmmm if you say so! Don't worry though - it wont always be like this. London is bigger and for some reason people tend to care less about us when we are just home and doing our regular stuff. It's like they go crazy as soon as we leave the UK. Like they expect us to do other things, but to be honest we are way more boring and well behaved when we are out of London! haha, maybe thats a good thing that the fans don't know that! Oh god!"

Nabella: "I'm not worried at all. Harry told me to not let this lifestyle control our relationship and Eleanor has given me a few good tips. So let's use their advice and just enjoy each other and the privileges that this lifestyle gives us."

Niall: "Right you are again hun!" He leaned in on me and planted a kiss on my nose, loosing his balance and rolling on top of me - acting as if it was an accident - but I knew this was his plan. He laid on top of me and attacked me with a million kisses giving me the giggles and butterflies in my stomach. He continued until I had to beg him to stop.

Nabella: "Niall hahaha please stop! I can't breath with you on top of me! You've eaten too much Nandos!!"

Niall: "WoW! I know you did not just call me fat missy! I'll get you for that!" He continued the kiss attack and expanded it to my neck and chest and I couldn't control my laugh anymore and suddenly he stopped by himself.

Niall: "You're lucky that I havn't eaten today and that I'm starving. Let's get some food please!"

I couldn't help but laugh.

Nabella: "My point proven!"

Niall: "Oh shut it Nabby!" he laughed.

I went down to the local bakery and grocery store to get some food for now but also so we had some for later, while Niall made some business calls and took care of some things that he was suppose to be dealing with right now in the UK but had postponed to be with me. We agreed that me doing the groceries on my own would be faster and easier than dragging a superstar out in the open with me and Adrian would probably be happy about our decision as well.

When I got back Niall was almost dying of hunger - or so he said!

I put him on lunch/brunch duty while I unpacked the rest. Niall made a mean sandwich with a little bit of everything and then set the table in the living room so we could watch a movie while eating. We found a comedy that had Niall laughing every 5 minutes, which made me laugh every 5 minutes. It was still the best sound in the world and his laugh made me fall more and more in love with him.

After the movie we did rock-paper-scissors on who would do the dishes. Niall lost and while he cleaned up after us I took a shower. Once I finished Niall took a shower and in about 45 minutes we were both showered, dressed and ready to watch some football!

Niall: "Adrian just texted me - he will be here in 10 minutes!"

Nabella: "Perfect! We can just walk, it's not that far and parking is a bitch near the stadium."

Niall: "That's not gonna happen babe. Sorry! Adrian already arranged parking at the stadium. There is no reason to attract attention and walk in the open like that!"

Nabella: "Oh yeah! I forgot again!"

We got on our winter coats and stood out on the street waiting for Adrian. If we weren't going to be walking in the snow then we could at least enjoy the cool winds and the white ground for 3 minutes. Adrian was taking a little more than 10 minutes and I was deeply occupied on my instagram when Niall hit me right in the face with a snowball. It caught me completely by surprise and I let out a scream!


There was no response - just his laughter. It made it hard to keep a straight face!

Nabella: "You're such an ass! That actually really hurt."
Niall: "Aww I'm sorry babe!"

Nabella: "Why are you just laughing?"

Niall:" Oh come on! It was spot on! Why are you laughing?"

Nabella: "Because you're laughing and I can't not laugh when you laugh. It's so contagious and so annoying right now when I'm trying to be serious and mad at you." My message to him was serious but I couldn't help but laugh while I was speaking. I had snow all over me and a half numbed face but Niall still had me laughing. I made a pouty face at him and he walked towards me with open arms.

Niall: "I am sorry love. I didn't think my aim was that good. It was meant to hit you in the chest or on your head - not in your face! Sorry baby! Forgive me?!"

Nabella: "Always love! You have time to make it up to me!" I smiled at him and formed my lips into a kissy face so he would get the hint.

Niall leaned in and gave me a big, fat, warm, and passionate kiss that was interrupted by Adrian's honking.

Soon we were pulling up to the stadiums VIP parking and as we were accepted through the gates people were looking at the car trying to figure out who was important enough to be let in that way.

Nabella: "You guys do realize you're already causing more attention than necessary with this VIP shit right?!"

I was a little annoyed that we couldn't just walk in where the hooligans were. They would have NO idea who Niall was, and they wouldn't care either. Adrian apologized and handed Niall a F.C. Copenhagen scarf and beanie to hide his signature hair and face. I gave him props for being creative. Adrian got out of the car first and I followed. Adrian gave Niall a secret nod and soon we were all on our way to the hooligan section where we could blend in and enjoy a good atmosphere and a good football match.

Once making it smoothly through the standard security check we made our way out towards the seats for a field view. The field was filled with both teams still warming up which gave me time to tell Niall all about the team and the players. We placed ourselves in the middle of all the excitement and cheering and I could tell that both Adrian and Niall were very impressed with the passion and singing that the fans were adding to the scene. I smiled to myself and sang along. The last part of the introduction song was finishing and Niall leaned into me , planting a kiss and praised me for being the cutest and prettiest fan in the crowd. I turned to him - planted a big wet kiss on his lips and told him that for the next 90 minutes my focus would be on the field. He laughed but understood.

At the end of the first half the score was still 0-0. I had my eyes on the game but from the corner of my eyes I could tell Niall was watching me and admiring my love for the team and the sport. It was a whole new side to me that he had yet to see. 

Halftime had us relaxing and gave us a chance to finally sit down at our seats. It made us both realize how cold it actually was and he convinced Adrian to go and buy us all hot chocolate to keep us warm!

Niall: "I feel so normal right now, it's almost weird!"

Nabella: "I hope you mean a good weird right?!"

Niall: "Oh yeah for sure babe! And this side of you that comes out when you watch football - it's seriously turning me on!"

Nabella: "Babe! haha not right here! You're making me blush!"

Niall: "I'm just being honest! There's nothing sexier than a girl who loves sports and you're my girl and I'm so proud of you."

No words needed I just leaned in to Niall's chest and he wrapped his arms around me. The close contact gave us some warmth until Adrian returned with the drinks and soon the second half had started.

No more than 6 minutes into the second half F.C.Copenhagen scored a beautiful goal and once again I surprise Niall with me enthusiasm and excitement for the team. I even received a hug from the random guy standing next to me which caused an awkward facial expression from my side and a huge laugh from Niall's side.

Random dude: "Sorry man, your chick is without a doubt the hottest in this section. Had to take advantage of the score!"

Niall: "Yeah I know right! No problem mate I'm proud of her too!"

Random dude: "You should be - Glad she's a lion fan!"

Niall: "Glad she's mine!" He winked at the stranger who still had an arm around me, which caused him to remove his hand and give Niall a high five instead.

Niall put his arm around me to prove that I was his and then started bouncing up and down with me and the rest of the stadium while we cheered the home team on.

The game ended 1-0 and even though it wasn't the most exciting game, it was a victory and I was very happy with the 3 points. We were making our way out still unnoticed when a security guard pulls on Niall which causes all of us to stop. Adrian was fast at reacting and soon he had his arm around Niall and was standing in between the two.

Adrian: "Excuse me sir!"

Security: "Oh no sorry mate I just wanted your attention. I have orders to keep you guys here for a little bit!"

Adrian: "Orders from who may I ask?!"

Security: "Sir I really don't mean to cause any drama but if you could please just follow me this way."

I looked over at Niall who remained calm and nodded his head at Adrian letting him know that it was okay to walk and stand in the corner until people had cleared.

We waited around for about 10 minutes and then the security guy received new orders to lead us through a locked door that lead to the sponsor section of the stadium. I recognized the halls from when I had first met Niall and the rest of One Direction at the concert with Oliver. We were heading towards the locker room and I squeezed Niall's hand to let him know I was excited/nervous. He looked down at me and squeezed my hand back. Once we got to the next locked door, where I had waited two nights in a row to meet Niall the security man informed us to just stay put. I looked around and then made eye contact with Niall.

Nabella: "Remember this place?"

Niall: "Yeh of course I do. This is the place I fell in love with you!"

Nabella: "This is the place you made me a directioner hahaha!"

Niall: "Best day of my life for sure. I had almost forgotten this was where we played earlier but when you mentioned the name of the stadium it rang a bell."

Nabella: "What do you mean?"

Niall: "Babe - I know this famous stuff has a lot of downs, but it also has a lot of ups.."

Nabella: " Go on .... "

Niall: "Well when I saw how cute and excited about the team you were I wanted to do something special for you - so I made a couple of phone calls while you were out grocery shopping and arranged a little surprise for you."

It finally hit me what was about to happen. I was about to meet the team and Niall had known the whole time! Before I could say anything back, the captain of the team opened the door and welcomed us in the locker room reassuring us that everyone was dressed.

Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that I would get to meet my lions one on one like this. I looked up at Niall - who I was still clinging on to with my hand - and gave him a bug smile before releasing his hand so I could shake all the players hands. I was literally in heaven! After taking the round and saying hi to everyone I went and stood with Niall who was casually having a conversation with the keeper. The head coach then appeared with 2 fully autographed jerseys for me and Niall. He asked Niall to pose with the shirt and him and then with the whole team. I watched and took a picture with my phone as well of all of my favorite boys.

Niall: "Wait hold on.. "

Everyone paused from smiling and Niall signaled for me to join the picture. Being too shy I shook my head politely no. Niall insisted and soon he had the whole team asking me to join the picture. I finally surrendered and joined in. Secretly wanting to scream at the top of my lungs I played it cool and got in the center with Niall. I could not believe that he had made all of this happen just for me and without me knowing at all. The next couple of minutes are kind of a blur to me because I was just sucking in every second and everything that was happening around me. Before I knew it we had to leave so the players could change and shower. We thanked them for the opportunity and left them to get cleaned up.

Nabella: "I can't believe you pulled this off!"

Niall: "So am I forgiven for the snowball?!"

Nabella: "Are you kidding? You can throw 10 more snowballs at me if you want haha!"

Niall: "Nah I wouldn't do that! Just don't forget who your favorite person still is okay?!"

Nabella: "Baby don't even worry - you will always be my number 1! For always and forever!"

We were walked out through the VIP exit which lead straight towards the parking lot where we were parked and soon we were sitting in the car leaving the stadium and the Lions behind. I sat and looked through the pictures on my phone and was so mind blown that I was actually speechless. I looked over at Niall who almost had a worried look on his face while looking at me.

Niall: "You okay?"

Nabella: "Couldn't be better! Thanks for making this one of the best days of my life!"

Niall: "Anything for you my princess!"


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