Dont let me go

Louis is fuming with all the Larry shippers driving el and him away from each other but he is also shutting harry out... Harry on the other hand is madly in love with Louis and has been from the very start. Will the two finally fall in love or will they lose there friendship?


1. chapter one

Authors note

Hey Erm I haven't like been on here in ages but I'm going to try and complete at least one book... So yeah this is a Larry fanfic and Erm yeah :)


After all we have been through, after what we have accomplished as a band, After three years and he has finally done it. He has finally pushed me out. I don't get it though, I only asked if he wanted some breakfast. I wasn't trying to get him angry I was simply asking a question! Just because I asked a question doesn't mean that he has to storm out of the house with all his bags. You see we don't share a house, I just let him stay at mine since Eleanor has some friends round and wants a girly night and at his house he has builders trying to fix the roof that's fallen down. I am only doing what a friend would do, what a band mate would do.

The Hard core Larry shippers is getting to Louis head. I mean sure it gets to mine but that's different, I actually love Lou. Yes there I've said it why don't you go and tell the whole world! You'd be a lot braver than me. I have been in love with Louis since the 23rd of July 2010 at 8:22 pm. Yes the day and time one direction was formed. I knew that from then on I would spend all my time with Lou and never be alone again. Guess I didn't think of this situation then!


I got up and shuffled to my phone, I really wasn't happy I mean would you if your crush left you? Exactly. I looked at the caller ID. Liam. Oh great.

"What do you want liam?"

"Well a hello to you to harry, can't a bandmate ring his other bandmate when they please"

"No,so if that's all you've called to say then just hang up"

"Well someone's woken up on the wrong side of the bed"

I sighed.

"Sorry Liam it's just me and Lou got into a fight"

"It's okay harry I know how you feel, it hurts when your best friend gets in a fight with you just don't worry too much"

Oh boy does he have a shock coming when I finally say I love Louis, but I won't say it yet... I'm not ready.

"Okay bye liam"

"WAIT ha-"

Too late. I thought grimly. I couldn't care less on what he has got to say, I wonder where Louis went? Maybe back to Eleanor to have sex. I'm over thinking okay I've gotta shut up now.


So yeah Erm 1 comments and 1 like to continue THANKS X

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