Chemistry 101

When you're in a relationship with someone, you should have a lot of chemistry right? Well this isn't your typical story of a guy trying to seduce an innocent girl. No, my name is Jenna Hamilton and I'm trying to seduce Marcel Styles. My own boyfriend.


1. One



Now let me start my story just by saying I love my boyfriend, Marcel. I love him so much! Everybody loves him, so how could I not? He's literally the sweetest, most wonderful boyfriend a girl could ever have. And that's the problem. 


He's just a little too sweet, and a little too wonderful. How can a high school boy be too sweet, you ask? It's possible. As amazing as this year and a half have been, our relationship - with all it's homecoming dances and picnic dates - is nothing short of a Care Bears episode. I mean when we go out I half expect Hello Kitty to come and escort us to the movies . . .


Maybe it's all my fault. At school I'm smart, sweet, do-good-er Jenna Hamilton. I'm involved with most of the school's clubs and events and I'm a straight-A student. People probably think I wake up to rainbows every morning and ride to school in my pink unicorn! This point of view has traveled over to my own boyfriend, Marcel. He treats me with the kind of chivalry a knight would bestow upon a fair maiden. 


Meaning he opens doors, pulls out chairs and refuses to touch me. I mean really touch me. The last one really bothers me so much. Which is why deep inside, beneath my composed sugar coated surface, I am boiling over with sexual frustration. Yes... I want to take it to the highest level with him. 


I've tried with him but I haven't tried hard enough. This wasn't going to happen overnight, due to both of our virgin states and perfect reputations, but I had to take action. This is why I have to seduce Marcel Styles.



This is really just a prologue/preview of my new story :) If I get feedback I will continue!

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