the greatness of sister

where two girls where sister one was taken away at birth and finds out her parens ar in iowa the whole time


3. weddings

when it was time for Killen and harry wedding Marcie was the maid of honor as Marcie and Niall walk down together then Killen came in with a beautiful dress with her hair curled when the receptionist said you may kiss the bride Killen and harry  kiss and the next day the have the after party  they dance and had cake they went  the Bahamas for there honeymoon when they got back  it was Marcie and Niall wedding.


 Killen was Marcie maid of honor when Killen and harry walk down the isle with the rest of the people Marcie walk down in a pink dress and curled hair then the receptionist said you may kiss the bride and they went to the party and then went to Paris for there honeymoon when they got back they had fun being Mrs. Styles and mrs.horan



A/N  sorry it short but im add people in ater chapter 5

and how is it so far thx for reading  

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