the greatness of sister

where two girls where sister one was taken away at birth and finds out her parens ar in iowa the whole time


1. sister unite

one day while Marcie was on twitter she decided to talk to a few people  but she came a crossed a familiar name so they talked for awhile and then I remembered that I had a sister when I was little  but after that I do not remember anything so later on they decided to meet up and to figure out they both were directoners  so they fangirled  all the time but one day killen got to go see one direction she sent pictures and everything as she was telling Marcie about how zany touch her hand and talk to her and as she freak out harry notice and talk to her she gave him her number they talk for awhile and harry ivited her out to californa for one direction last concert and zany told her that harry was going to ask her out. we fan girled  all nigh so when Marcie  16th birthday came she decided to drive out to iwoa to meet killen when she got there  she called killen and she drove over and they hang out for awhile and when Marcie had to head back for her hotel killen gave Marcie a hug before she left after a few days down in  iwoa.marcie was starting to like it


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so Marcie surprised killen with a new horse and saddle and I got a horse of my own and we rode around for awhile when we got back and hung out I had to leave the next day back to ohio killen ask if Kathryn and her could stay over then take them home the next day I said sure whne we got back to the hotel we did make overs and hair we had fun but must have  passed out beacuase it was  morning already I had to leave so we cleaned up the hotel room I drove Kathryn and killen home and gave them hugs and almost headed out killen parents reconized me so they let me live there and we live happily and I inally got to meet one direction and killen and harry got together me and niall stared dating a few months later



 As niall ahrry killen and me left for a ride around on our horse when me and killen got to our favorite spot we stop got off our horses and lay down and watch the sunset when we got back home Marcie was thinking where would I be with out my sister killen my boyfriend niall and my best friend harry as Marcie went to bed smiling  when Marcie get up it a whole new day for more fun



me and killen were acting silly all day we went down to her grandma and work on the farm as we headed back killen remembered all the memories we had when we were little kids so she wanted to make it up to her big sister so she did everything she cpuld until they made up over the years of not knowing that they were sisters all along when we returned home an played horses shoes



the next day Marcie get a call from her foster parents she needs to come back when Marcie told them he found herself a nice home with a nice family her foster parents hung up Marcie went to the barn to saddle her horses she rode off memories flooded back all the good times her and her brother had but she left him behinded when she moved day her and killen were walking around a car came pssed really fast



Marcie and killen had to move out of the way but it skidded to a stop and as people step out Marcie told killen to run as they both ran the people got back in the car it ent down the road but it turned back aroun as killen and Marcie  hit the porch the people step out and grab Marcie arm but she yakned away but the dude keep a good grip but Marcie and killen father walk out and told him to let go the dude did and Marcie and killen go inside for lunch as they sit down Marcie brother walks in Marcie breaks down crying and ask him what did they do to you he says nothing but when he get ready to leave Marcie says I`ll be back for you.



as Marcie and killen get ready for the permiere killen get a call



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