Life as the Rejected One

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 4 Jun 2015
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"HA!" he laughed, " Your my mate, haha. The moon goddess
messed it up this time. Me? Your mate?. That's really funny.
Who would want you?" I was full on sobbing by now.
"b-b-but i'm your m-mate!" I sobbed out to him. "Lets get
straight to the point, yeah? I Jake Robertson , Alpha of the
BloodMoon Pack, Reject the Alex Nicole as my Mate and
Luna forever and always" He harshly whispered, so no one
in the pack could hear, I guess I'm just an embarrassment to
him and everyone else.


17. Will You Go On A Date With Us?

I wake up to my mates warm embrace on the couch. I look up to see my mate have a bright smile on their face in their sleep, they are happy they have their lost family back. They have looked like this every night since they have found their family.It makes me really happy to see them happy. I kiss their nose and get up to make breakfast for the pack.

I go upstairs and get Quincy, "Hey bud, you want to help me make breakfast?"

"Yep." He says in a funny voice, making a silly face, I laugh. I grab him and put him on my hip and walk down the stairs.

When I get to the kitchen I tell him, "Go get the 4 pans, the toaster, and a cookie pan." He shakes his head yes and gets to work. 

An hour later and I am all done. I made enough food to feed the whole pack. And let me tell you, feeding  over 1000 werewolves is a lot. Because we are werewolves we eat twice as much as an average human. So it is like feeding 2000 people.

People start gradually waking into the kitchen and start eating. Some people go to their room, some to the living room and some to the dining room. Yes our dining room, and living room are that big. Every pair of mates has their own room, bathroom, living room, and kitchen. Then we have a community living room, kitchen and dining room. I guess you could say the house was like a huge hotel. 

Once the last few people are done making their plate I decide to make one for my mates and I, serve them breakfast in bed. But first I take a tired looking monkey to my office so he can sleep on the couch in there. "Go to sleep, Quincy"

"Shhhh, seep seep." He says. I laugh once again but take the hint and leave the room so he can go to sleep. He is always so tired. Does something for two hours, and sleeps for four.

I go back to the kitchen and grab the food for my mates. When I get in the living room I see that they are just starting to wake up. They look at me because of the smell f food and smile. "Mmhhh. Smells good." Ken says. I hand the plates to them. They start eating. Once they are done they push the plates aside and say, "That was good, but we have an important question to ask you." I started to grow worried. I wonder if something is wrong.

"What is is? Is something wrong?" I ask worriedly. "Are you sick." I say putting my hand on his forehead, he doesn't feel hot.

They shake their head no and Ken says," Nothing is wrong, and no we are not sick."

They both grab my hands and say at the same time with hopeful smiles, "Will you go on a date with us?" I squeal and say yes over and over again while bouncing up and down on the couch. "Sorry it took us so long to ask you. At first we were scared to ask you, then you started getting busy with planning the wedding, then you had Alpha duties. So time got away on us, but now we have time."

I squeal once again with happiness and ask, "When and where?" 

They reply, "Tonight at five O'clock and its a surprise. Wear something sexy yet comfortable." They say.

"But I hate surprises." I whine.

They just smirk and say, "I know. But get over it, its going to be a surprise."

I look at the time to see is is two O'Clock. I squeak and get up to run to get the girls to help me get ready. When I get them all together (Including Quincy) I say, "I am going on a date, help me get ready. They said to wear something sexy yet, comfy." They nod.

"Okay first things first, go take a shower." Carrie says.

Once I get out of the shower they get to work. They start with my make up. They do light pink eye shadow, with clear lip gloss, light blush, mascara, with a thin line of eye liner. Then they do my hair. They blow dry it then curl it, and clip some of it up and add a bump. Next they go to my closet pick out an outfit.

"No. No. Ew. Why did you buy this? Gross. Ew. Yes!" Jess says. She scurries over here and shows me what I am going to wear. I nod my head. Its perfect. Its going to be chilly tonight so they picked out a baggy tan sweater, with a brown knitted scarf, with a pain of brown skinny jeans, and tan flats. I grab a brown messenger bag and put the the stuff I will need in it.

I quickly put the outfit on and look in the mirror. "It's perfect" I say. " I love it."

"You smexy and yous knows it." Quincy sings. "This is how yous rolls, animal print pants out of controls. With big ass fros. " We all laugh, ah, I am going to enjoy having him around. Hes like the new entertainment for the pack.

I soon shoo the girls out and a singing Quincy with them.

A little bit later I hear knocking on my door so I get up and open it to see Ian and Ken looking sexy with a rose in hand each and bright smiles on their faces. They give the roses to me and take my hands, then we walk to the car to go on our date. Tonight is going to be perfect, I know it.

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