Life as the Rejected One

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 4 Jun 2015
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"HA!" he laughed, " Your my mate, haha. The moon goddess
messed it up this time. Me? Your mate?. That's really funny.
Who would want you?" I was full on sobbing by now.
"b-b-but i'm your m-mate!" I sobbed out to him. "Lets get
straight to the point, yeah? I Jake Robertson , Alpha of the
BloodMoon Pack, Reject the Alex Nicole as my Mate and
Luna forever and always" He harshly whispered, so no one
in the pack could hear, I guess I'm just an embarrassment to
him and everyone else.


4. Poor Baby

Alex Pov.

"Whats your names honey," I ask, no answer, I've been doing this for hours, she never answers, lets go back to beginning, and let me tall you whats been happening....

- So I know what you thinking, " Why did she say yes?" Well my own personal problems can't come before the best of my pack. Jake was right it will benefit our packs if we combined, even if I don't like it. We would have more pack members to protect our pack. 

I've had to deal with the whore and Jake for the past week and a half, I'm always hearing moaning from their room, seeing them flirting, and he still doesn't care about me or my feelings I guess. I still don't hate him or my brother, he's my mate, the other is my brother, I can't hate them. But I don't know if I can do it for the rest of my Alpha life. Its so hard with my brother trying to win my forgiveness, by doing and saying things so sweet, attempting to be on my good side. Like making me breakfast and telling me I look beautiful today. And then my mate not giving a care in the world. 

After the longest and most boring fight ever, me and Jake decided to both be the Alpha, but i'm gonna be the main one since my pack is the strongest... Blah Blah Blah

Now to the fun part... Here I am enjoying my breakfast with all my best friends talking about life, marveling on how good of a cook I am. Then all of a sudden a pack member that was doing patrol today come running into the room and started talking really fast and I didn't understand what he was saying. The only word I caught was rogue and my wolf and I went on high alert, I noticed so did Lucas', by how his back straightened. In my Alpha tone I say "Talk slower, and tell me what happened." Totally forgetting about my food. 

"There's a rogue on the territory, she badly beaten, we don't think she a threat, but every time we go to touch her she growls at us and asks for our alpha. I think shes pregnant, she smells like it, she only looks sixteen though." He says, yet a little slower this time.

I get out of my seat and shift not caring about my clothing, only about this poor beaten girl, feeling responsible for her because I know how she must feel...  Once I got there I wanted to let out a vicious growl, but held it in because of this poor pregnant, beaten girl, I don't want to scare her. 

"Hello honey, were not gonna hurt you, will you tell us your name," No response, "Can you talk?" She didn't answer once again but nodded. "Would you like to come to my pack house and clean up and sleep?" She shook her head yes frantically. We start walking back.

Once we get there I take her to a room and show her everywhere and thing she will need. Then left the room so she can do what she needs to do. 

A few hours later she slowly, nervously, and shyly came down into the kitchen and sat across from me at the table. She just started at me, looking as if to try to figure something out, like she is confused as to why everyone is so nice here. 

"Nicole." I hear her faintly whisper. My eyes that were on the table darted up toward her in surprise.

"Is that your name?" I ask her in a light, yet authoritative voice. She shakes her head yes, and I smile at her.

"I'm gonna ask you some important questions okay honey, you don't have to answer them all," She nods her head, so I then start asking her questions and she actually answers them all in a shaky, scared, little voice.

"What pack are you from?" I ask.

"I'm a rogue." She answers.

"How old are you?" 

"17 almost 18."

"Are you pregnant?"

"Y-yes." Her voice is starting to get shakier, meaning she is about to cry. So I continue because of her well being but in a more comforting voice.

"Were you raped or was it voluntary?" 

"R-raped." This is her breaking point, she starts sobbing uncontrollably. I cautiously walk over to her and softly set my hand on her lower back and start rubbing, in a comforting manner. She flinches when I set my hand on her, but soon the tension releases and she starts to calm down.

"Do you want to keep the baby?" I question, but feel as if I already know the answer.

"Yes!" She answers immediately and firmly, as if saying no questions asked she is keeping the baby no matter what. 

"Okay, Were you beaten by somebody?" I continue rubbing her back, feeling her muscles tense. 

"Y-yes, m-my step dad b-beat and r-raped me after my moms d-death l-last year." I look at her sympathetically, but continue asking questions. She has been strong so far, many people would not be able to talk about it this early.

"Is your step dad alive?"

"N-no my wolf k-killed him after he t-threatened to kill me b-because of the b-baby." I nod, it make since, wolves are very protective of whats theirs.

"Why weren't you in a pack?"

"B-because w-when my mom m-met my s-step dad he was a r-rogue and didn't want to j-join our pack, so we l-left our h-home so she c-can be with h-him."

"Would you like to join my pack?" I question with hope in my voice. Hope because I want this girl to live and grow up in a safe and happy environment. 

"Y-yes please!" She says, pretty much begging me with her eyes.

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