Life as the Rejected One

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 4 Jun 2015
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"HA!" he laughed, " Your my mate, haha. The moon goddess
messed it up this time. Me? Your mate?. That's really funny.
Who would want you?" I was full on sobbing by now.
"b-b-but i'm your m-mate!" I sobbed out to him. "Lets get
straight to the point, yeah? I Jake Robertson , Alpha of the
BloodMoon Pack, Reject the Alex Nicole as my Mate and
Luna forever and always" He harshly whispered, so no one
in the pack could hear, I guess I'm just an embarrassment to
him and everyone else.


13. Home Sweet Home

Nicole's Pov.

Right now me and Gavin are cuddling on in bed talking while everyone else is packing their bags. We already packed ours last night when we were bored. "I'm so excited to be in a pack again. I miss always having people around, having a huge family. You get lonely when you are a rogue, I may have went rogue by my own decision, but it does not mean I don't miss it." He says. I smile brightly up at him and snuggle tighter into his chest.

"I know what you mean, when my mom and I moved away with my step-dad I was really sad. I was so used to having a non-biological family to lean on, but when we moved I had no one. Now I have a new family and pack. I just wish some of the pack members would stop looking at me with disgust because I was a rogue and pregnant at 18, its not like I could help it." I said smiling up at him. He smiled back at me and gave me a sweet kiss on my lips.

"I'm so glad I found my mate. I was kind of scared when I turned 18 and didn't find you and then I was pregnant and though you would reject me, but my thought are clear and happy now. I am so happy now. " He growls at the mention of rejection, but we push the subject away.

"Me too kitten, me too." I giggled when he said that, I like the nick-name. 

"I like it, I shall call you Alien." I said giggling like a school girl. He look at me like I was crazy.

"Where in the hell buckets did you come up with that?" He questioned, still looking at me like I was cray cray. Ugh, I make a promise to myself that I will never say that again.

"Your weird, Aliens are weird. So its a even situation." He starts laughing at this, not a small chuckle, no no, a full blown out hysterical laughing attack. I don't get it! Whats so funny? I think.

"What?" I squeak out embarrassed. 

"Hun, I'm not the only weird one." He said out of breath from all the laughing, he stopped now, but he is now wiping tears off his face. Yes, he laughed THAT much.

"True, true. I'm going to text everyone to see if their done." He said okay, so I got my phone out and text-ed them *Are you guys done yet?* Everybody text-ed back besides Alex. They said yes. After about twenty minutes went by and Alex has still not text-ed back I got worried, she always texts back, no matter what. This just does not sound like her. 

"Alien will you text the twins and see if they are with Alex?" He chuckled but said yes. Yet again, we had no answer. "I'm going to go check on them, you coming?" I asked him. When we got to her room we knocked, but there was no answer, so we just listened with our werewolf hearing, no noise or anything. That means she is not there. Where is she? Gabin has a look of questioning on his face also. We were cut out of thought when an overly excited Alex came walking up to us with the twins trailing behind her. "Where have you been? Are you even done packing?" I screeched with worry, the realized I sounded like her mom. lol. I smelled the air and caught Ove's scent in it, huh, weird.

"Places and yes." She said still overly cheerful with a look of excitement on her face.

"What has you all excited" Gabin asks curiously.

"You will see when we get home. Your mate will love it." She says to Gabin, her mates just smirk. Now I am curious. "But..." I was about to speak when she cut me off. "I'm not telling you." Then grabbed her mates hands and went into their room.

She is a weird child.

Later that night I got a text from Nate saying to grab out stuff we were leaving. So I grab my bag and ask Gabin, " Ready to go and meet the pack?" He let our a nervous laugh and shook his head yes. So I grabbed his hand and we were out.

We pulling up to the pack house, to see almost everyone is eagerly waiting for us outside. Some of them look like they are going to pee their pants in excitement of their alpha coming home from a ten day vacation. The person that looks most excited is Xavier, front in line and wont let anyone come in front of him. I chuckle, that is just like him, waiting to see his baby girl. The car stops and we get out. Everyone already knows about me loosing my baby and Amy being pregnant, so no drama there.

Alex Pov.

I am so excited to get home! I miss my pack and Rosa hasn't been on a run in so long. "You know it you bitch, now we better hurry up and have a run with our mates, I want to see their wolf." She sasses me. 

"Fine, fine. I give." I tell her jokingly. She just huffs at me. The car finally stops , so I get out and breath in the scent of my home. Then out of nowhere I was picked up and spun around. 

"I MISSED YOU SO MUCH BABY GIRL." Dad screams, I screech and hug him back. We were cut out of our moment when I heard two sexy, loud, terrifying growls. I smile cheekily at my dad, waiting to see his reaction.

"Put. Her. Down. Now." Ian's wolf, Issac growls at dad. I smirk, ah this is going to be entertaining. 

Dad narrows his eyes into slits and says in a daring voice, "You don't tell me what to do."

Ian and Ken run over to me and yank me out of his arms and growls out while putting the nose in the crook of my neck inhaling my scent, "MINE!" I can feel they are tense, thinking someone is trying to take their mate away. I see in their eyes that their wolf has taken over. Uh oh.

Dad just smirks. He was about to say something when mom comes running up to us squealing, "My baby finally has a mate."

"Actually two. So mates. My twins." I say, her eyes go wide, she speechless.

"Oh" She squeaks out through her surprise, but still has a broad smile on her face.

Dad starts walking toward up with the intimidating look on his face, ah man, he's going to try to scare them away, put them to the test. My mates growls again, not wanting him to come closer. "Relax baby, hes my dad." I tell them in a soothing tone. Their eyes go back to their regular color, and their  muscles un-tense.

"What are your names?" Dad asks with a threatening look on his face.

"I am Ian, this is Ken, sir." Ian tells my dad impressing him when he addressed dad as sir. None of my boyfriends have done that before, do a little happy dance in my head..

"What are your intentions with my daughter?" Dad demands in a hard tone.

"To love her and make her happy." Ken says will truth and love in his eyes. My dad lets go of the hard facade and smiles warmly at them. He is impressed and happy with their answers. Huh, this is a first. But it is good, very good.

"You hurt her, I'll cut your balls off feet them to my dog, then pull your heart out with my bare hands." He said then gave them a friendly smile and put his hand out to shake both my mates hands. "My name is Xavier son."

"And my name is Peyton, I'm her mom." Mom says.

"So how many people have you brought to join the pack?" Dad questions.

"5." Luke says, but I think differently. Ken, Ian, and I smirk.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, we have six." I say whilst smirking.

"Um... hate to break it to ya but you cant count. We have five."

"We have an extra coming. Right about..." I look at my phone to see the time, but heard a car coming. "Now." Everyone looks curiously at the car, silently asking 'Who the hell is that.' The car pull to a stop and who steps out of the car is...

"OVE!" Nicole screeches. Running up to him and giving him a big bear hug. "What are you doing here?" She asks him.

"Well Hun, I didn't have a pack back there, no family, no anything, only you. Your like my granddaughter I have always wanted, but you were leaving me again. I got really sad. But this young lady Alex here came to me and asked me to join your pack. So well of course I will say yes to being around my favorite girl more often." He said softly. Nicole looks at me shocked. She mouths thank you to me, he eyes filling with happy tears. I just nod and smile at her.

3RD person Pov.

We look at our Alpha proudly. Proud that even though she is a girl she is a good alpha, proud that she cares about us so deeply, and proud that we can call her ours. She just makes peoples days, doing this for a poor girl with no real family, so our alpha brought someone from her past as a reminder. We all smile at the touching scene in front of us, loving our Alpha even more if possible.

Nicole's Pov.

I look at Alex and mouth 'thank you.' She smiles and nods. 

"I have something else for you." Ove says.

I looked at him shocked, more? He pulls out a box I know all to well. "No way." I say. "Your didn't." 

"Again wasn't me, all Alex" He says handing it to me. "Their is about 5000 arrows in the car packed behind all my stuff that I wanted to bring."

I squeal in excitement. "Alien, Alien did you see? I got stuff for archery practice. This is the best day of my life." I hear the pack laugh and start teasing Alien about his nickname.

He smiles and kisses my lips, "I'm glad your happy kitten." He says. 

"Well, lets get everyone settled. Someone go get Ove a room ready. Then bring the new members and their stuff to their mates rooms." Dad says. Bossy, bossy. We all get up and do as said. Once an Alpha, always an Alpha.

Alex Pov. 

Once we were all done I called all of the new members into my office with their mates and Xavier. "So you all are here so I can Accept you into the pack." They say okay so we begin. "I Alex Nicole, Alpha of the SilverStone Pack, will protect you with my life, accept you into my life and pack, and care for you. Now repeat after me, I (Say your name) will forever and always protect my pack with all I have, not go become a traitor, and accept consequences or my doings."

After they were done saying what they were supposed to say I felt a slight pull in my head. The pull means someone new has been accepted into the pack. So we are all set now. I smile and head off to bed with my mates.

What a day I think.

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