Life as the Rejected One

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 4 Jun 2015
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"HA!" he laughed, " Your my mate, haha. The moon goddess
messed it up this time. Me? Your mate?. That's really funny.
Who would want you?" I was full on sobbing by now.
"b-b-but i'm your m-mate!" I sobbed out to him. "Lets get
straight to the point, yeah? I Jake Robertson , Alpha of the
BloodMoon Pack, Reject the Alex Nicole as my Mate and
Luna forever and always" He harshly whispered, so no one
in the pack could hear, I guess I'm just an embarrassment to
him and everyone else.


16. Family Reunion

"Well we have all kinds of pets. Do you have any specifics?" The pet store lady asks me and my mates, looking at us weirdly because I am holding both their hands. 'What you never seen one girl with twin brothers before lady' I think. 

"We want something different, not just any ordinary cat or dog, something no one ever thinks to get." I say with an annoyed scowl on my face. Nosy bitch.

"Well we have things little like a bird or uncommon hamster." She says. I groan, that is not fun.

"I want something like a monkey, or chicken or chinchilla. Something that will be fun and entertain us." I say in a thoughtful tone. She sighs is relief. I guess they have one of those suggestions. 

"We have one monkey in the back and a couple chinchillas in some cages in the front." She says in a cheerful tone of voice. 

"Well look at the chinchillas first then look at the monkey." Ian replies. I nod in agreement. So we walk to the front of the store to look at the chinchillas.

When we get there I think I fall in love. "Their adorable." I squeak out through my excitement. There are only two in the cages. One looks like its the mom or dad and the other looks like its the son or daughter. I can tell because one is way smaller and looks like a new born baby. The older looking one is a grey color with black dots covering their body. It is fat and chubby. The younger looking one is white with grey streaks going through its fur. "Are these the only two?" I question.

"Yeah, all the other ones have been sold. They are $130 for one or $200 for both. The bigger one is the mom she is pregnant, she is having three. Then the other one is her son. Do you one one or both or none?"

"Well take both of them. I will go get the stuff for them. And then I will come and get you because I still want to look at the monkey." I say while walking away. 

"Are you sure?" Ken asks, " Their going to be a lot of work. And then the monkey if you want it is going to be more work. You are the Alpha. You wont have time for them." He says the stuff at the end in a soft whisper so the humans don't hear.

"Well, I am giving the pregnant one to Nicole and the Son to Carrie. Then when the mom gives birth we will give them to Ava, Jess, and Ditte. And if I like the monkey it will be ours. I don't think Amy and Luke will want any pet because they are going to get married and have a baby soon." I say immediately, trying to change their minds into wanting to buy these pets. All the while picking stuff out for the chinchillas food and bedding. We will order cages through the internet. 

They look at me shocked, "You really thought this through." Ian says.

"Yeah, the pack house needs something to liven them up. The chinchillas will do that and then the monkey if we like it. Well keep the chinchillas in the living room and the monkey in my office." I say smiling in excitement. They nod, okay with it because their mate wants it and their mate gets what she wants. "Now lets go find that annoying store clerk and take a look at that money." Once we find the chick she takes us to the back. Then she opens the cage and roughly yanks the monkey out of its cage. "Careful" I screech, already wanting to buy it from the looks of the way they treat it. "We'll buy it." I say while carefully talking it out of her arms. 

She huffs at me then says. "Good. That little brat is annoying anyway. His name is Quincy. Here is his food and cage. You can have it all for free." 

"You go pay for the stuff, I'm going to take Quincy to the car." I say while walking out of the store. "Hey baby." 

"Ah" He says back to me trying to say hey. He grabs at my nose. "shank ou."

"Your welcome" I say kissing his nose. He gives me a toothy smile.

"Bring it inside." Quincy says in a sassy demanding tone when we get home, he is talking about the chinchilla stuff.

"What the fuck is that" Lucas mutters. While everyone else just nods in agreement looking shocked and confused. Shocked because their is a monkey sitting on my shoulder and confused because their is a lot of junk in my trunk. (A/N See what I did there :) )

"This my dear Lucas and friends is Quincy. My new monkey. And then you guys have a prize in the trunk." I say. They all eagerly walk to the truck wanting to know what thy got. 

"Eek" Ava screeches. "I have always wanted one of these" She says while taking the chinchilla out of the box and playing with it. I told them my plans of what were going to do, starting with who gets what and where we are going to put them. They agreed to the arrangements.

"Seep, seep." Quincy says. Indicating he wants to sleep. So I walk him to my room and put him in my bed. I kiss his nose good night and leave the room. Why did they hate and be mean to him? He is really cute and sweet.

I go back down stairs and get on the couch to cuddle with my mates when two of my pack members come running into the room. "Alpha! Alpha! There are rogues on our land. Only three though, but they look powerful. Their by the pond demanding to see our Alpha, saying something about having their sons here.." One of them screams through his ragged breath.  I shoot out of my seat and shift, not caring about my clothes. I soon hear Ian and Ken shift and take off behind me. I take off towards the pond, wanting to know why there are rogues on my land. 

Once we get there my mates gasp and look shell shocked with tears flooding into their eyes. Looking about to pass out from happiness. The rogues on my land have the same expression, but more knowing. "Mom? Dad? Mac?" They quietly whisper out through their shock. I gasp as well. This is my mates family? Their not dead? I am actually going to be able to meet them. A smile come onto my face.

"Ian? Ken?" The rogues whisper out after a while of silence, their voice full of relief. Relief that their sons are alive and well also. 

My pack comes up behind us in protective mode, ready to make the move to charge and attack. Lucas and some of my warriors start to charge at them, ready for a kill or capture. My mates family get in a fighting stance, ready for an attack. Ian and Ken let out a loud growl telling the pack to back off.

"Stop." I command or more like screech in my alpha tone of voice. They look at me confused as to why I don't want them to kill or capture these rogues. "Their my mates family." I say with a full on bright smile.

My mates burst out crying and charge at their family looking for a hug, some type of comfort. Making sure they are real and actually here. "Where have you been? We though you died." They sobbed out. Not letting their now found family out of their embrace thinking they will loose them once again. 

"We barley escaped right after we sent you through the tunnels. Only a few from the pack survived, but were badly injured and died soon after. We were badly injured too, but since we have Alpha blood we survived. We have been looking for you for a while. We caught your scent a few days ago and have been tracking you from then on." Mac, I'm guessing, says. "Now bro let go of me. your gonna squash me to death." She jokes. My mates let out a growl and held on tighter through their sobs.

I silently walk up to them and say, "You need to let go Baby. Their not going anywhere." When they don't let them out of their clutch, I grab their arm and pull them off their family and into my warm embrace, where they sob and hold onto me for dear life. 

"Lucas go get them a room ready while I take Ian, Ken and his family into the living room to reunite." I say. He nods his head okay and walks off to get their rooms ready. I motion my hand toward the house and start walking in. Once we get to the living room they start talking. 

"I see you found your second chance mate." His mom says. 

They nod their head and have now stopped crying, but their beautiful eyes are a little red and puffy. "Her name is Alex." They say smiling at me. His family smiles at me also. Happy their sons have someone to make them happy.

"Nice to meet you Hun. I am so happy they found you. My name is Nancy and this is my mate Brad. Then our daughter Mac." She says pointing to each of them.

"Nice to meet you." 

"Where have you boys been." Nancy asks, "We have looked everywhere for you. Never even catching a scent."

"We thought you died. We couldn't take being near where we thought you died. So we moved traveled somewhere far away. Where we met Jacob, Ditte, and Gabin. We traveled all over Europe with them, then when we got to a hotel in Denmark, Europe. The capital city Copenhagen. We talked all night, she told us she was an Alpha, so here we are. " Ian said smiling about the memory.

"That's so sweet. Have you mated?" Mac asks. I blush and shake my head no. We haven't even gone on a date yet. I frown, I want to go on an actual date before we mate. I wonder why they haven't asked me yet.

On a different note that is what we did for the rest of the night. Just talk and get to know each other. Know what's going on in each other lives. Forget all drama for a day and just rejoice with our new family.

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