Life as the Rejected One

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 4 Jun 2015
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"HA!" he laughed, " Your my mate, haha. The moon goddess
messed it up this time. Me? Your mate?. That's really funny.
Who would want you?" I was full on sobbing by now.
"b-b-but i'm your m-mate!" I sobbed out to him. "Lets get
straight to the point, yeah? I Jake Robertson , Alpha of the
BloodMoon Pack, Reject the Alex Nicole as my Mate and
Luna forever and always" He harshly whispered, so no one
in the pack could hear, I guess I'm just an embarrassment to
him and everyone else.


18. Date Night

Alex Pov.

"You look beautiful as always" Ian says, then he smirks. "And sexy." I blush and turn my head toward the window. Ian growls lowly, he puts his index finger under my chin and turns my head toward them. "Don't turn away from us, you look absolutely adorably when you blush." And this makes me blush more. I bet my face looks like a beet red tomato right now.

"Where are we going?" I ask through my embarrassment.

They roll their eyes. "Like we said about twenty minutes ago, its a surprise." Ken says. 

I groan. I hate surprises. "Can you give me a hint." I ask hopeful. They shake their head and I groan once again. "Why?" I whine. "Why?" They chuckle at my dramatics. About twenty minutes later we come to a stop. "Are we there yet?" I ask hopefully. 

They shake their head. "Nope." Kens says.

I look out the window to see we are in the middle of no where. Completely surrounded by woods. This place look familiar, but I cant put my finger on it. "Then why did we stop?" I ask confused.

"So we could do this." Ken lean over the seat and kiss me on the lips. I make an aww noise. "And to do this." They pull out a scarf and tie it around my eyes. Now, I groan. WHY? They laugh at my reaction.

"Were almost there baby" Ian says. I feel the car start up and start moving again. About a minute later we stop once again. "Were here." Ian says with a cheerful yet nervous voice. I let out a sigh of relief. Finally. I hear them get out, then open my door. They grab my hand and help me out of the car.

When I get out of the car I hear waves crashing against the shore in a distance. I smile, they brought me to the beach. They take the blind fold off and I see that we are at my dads lake house. We walk toward the house and enter. When I get inside I see the dinning room lights dimmed, then the table is covered with delicious looking food, champagne, and candles. I turn around and kiss them on their cheek, but as I go to kiss them in their cheek they turn their head so I end up kissing them on the lips. I smile, their so cute. "Thank you, I love it. Who knew you were so romantic." I said smiling cheekily. 

They blush a beautiful bright red and say, "It took us a while if you haven't noticed, and we might or might not have had some help. But I'm glad you like it. We have been secretly planning it since we all met, wanted this to be the best moment and day ever for you." Ken says.

"I don't like it." I say frowning. The look at me sadly and frown, disappointment flooding their eyes. I then smile and squeal, "I love it!" 

"That's not funny." Ian groaned. "You really scared me there."

"Me too. We worked really hard on this." Ken says. I mutter a 'sorry' then look around the room taking in its beauty. I can't believe they would do this for me. They squeeze me hand and say, "Lets begin. First we are going to eat, after that... well.... you will have to wait and see." I nod my head and take a seat.

They pour me a glass of champagne. Mmh. "Smells delish." They smile and nod. "What is it?" I question.

"Salad with Veggie stir fry and chicken. Sound good?" Ken asks.

"Sound great." I smile, I was right. This is perfect. But everything about them is perfect to me.

"Tell me when?" Ian says.

He starts putting salad in my bowl. When it is enough I say in a mocking voice, "When." They roll their eyes at my childishness. I do the same for the stir fry. Then we begin to eat and make happy, casual conversation.

"Thank you guys. This is really sweet, it has been the bast day of my life so far. I love you." I say wholeheartedly.

"You deserve it. You need a stress relief every once in a while. I love you too." Ken says. I smile and nod. 

"I love you more." Ian says. 

"No I love her more." Ken says.

And then they start bickering back and forth. I smile at them lovingly but decide to stop their bickering, "You both love me very very much, I get it." I tell them in a teasing manner. They nod their head yes frantically and peck me on my like sweetly. I lick my lips and savor their taste, "You lips taste good too." I wink at them. Ken laughs lightly.

"So here me and Ian are watching the football game, enjoying it, then all of a sudden everyone turns to us. So me being me I ask them 'The fuck your problem?' but Ken nudges my shoulder and points toward the huge screen and I see me and him on the screen. But you would never guess for what." Ian says laughing his ass off completely out of breath while Ken is blushing like a mad man. Right now we are talking about embarrassing moments of us, or friends and family.

"What was it?" I ask getting impatient, I really want to know what had Ken so flustered.

"Were on the kiss cam!" By now Ian is laughing so hard he is crying and can barley talk. Ken is blushing so much he looks like his face is about to explode. I join Ian in the laughing making Ken blush even more if even possible. I make and aww noise and pinch his cheeks.

"So what did you do?" I ask out of breath. Ken shakes his head no, telling Ian not to tell me, more like wishing Ian not to tell me. But I know my mates, Ken is most defiantly going to tell me, anything to make his mate laugh and embarrass his brother.

"I shrug my shoulder and give him a peck on the lips. Poor guy look so embarrassed. But what I didn't know was that before I pecked his lips he took a drink of soda. So when I do give him a peck he spits grape soda out onto everyone in the stands. Ken scrubbed his lips for weeks." Ian bursts out, soon enough he cant sit still and falls out of his chair. He make a big oomph sound but does not once stop laughing. And this is how the next hour went by, telling funny or embarrassing stories about us, our family, or our friends.

A little while later Ken says while throwing his napkin onto his plate, "Well I'm stuffed." He pats his stomach to prove his statement.

"Me to. So... whats next?" I ask curiously. 

"Well we were thinking of putting some vanilla ice cream in a wine glass and pouring some champagne over it for desert. Then going out side and setting a blanket out to sit on and eat it out there listening to the waves. How does that sound?" Ken asks. 

"Sounds perfect." I reply. "I will go get the blanket and you do desert." 

They say "Okay" and get to work. While they do that I go into the back room to get a sheet. By the time I get back they are putting the champagne in the glass. So we grab the stuff and walk down to the beach. I spread the blanket out and set everything down. Then I take a seat and pull my mates down with me. 

"Tonight has been the best night ever." I say my words filled with happiness. Ian kisses me on my lips and I react by kissing him back. Ken comes up and starts kissing up and down my neck. I turn into a moaning mess. Then the next thing you know I'm a mated and marked woman by my two beautiful mates. 


"Ignore it." I hear Ian's muffled voice say.

"Go away." Ken groans.


I scream into my pillow and get up to get the phone. "Nice view." Ken says while Ian whistles at me. I squeak when I realize that I am still naked and run to grab the robe and put it on. I then answer the phone while blushing ferociously. "Hello." I manage to squeak out through my embarrassment. 

"You need to come home. Jake has something very important to talk to you about." I hear Lucas say. I look at the time and my eyes bulge. Its 5:30 in the morning.

"Why does Jake need to talk to me at 5:30 in the morning?" I snap at him angrily.

"Just come home. Oh and I hope you had fun last night. We felt 2 more Alphas added to the link." He says, I can hear the teasing smirk in his voice, before he hangs up. Now I'm even more embarrassed. I hear two growl, I turn around to see 2 pissed off men.

"Why does Lucas choose to call at 5:30 in the morning, then mention Jake right after you mated your second chance mates." Ian asks angrily. His terrible temper flaring. I put my hand on his lower back in a calming manner, I soon feel the tension move out of his muscle, but he was still angry.

I rub my temple, feeling a head ache coming on. "I don't know. But we have to go if Lucas says its important. He is the beta after all, if he cant do this, then it has to be something to do with the Alpha." I sigh annoyed.

They sigh also but start putting their clothes on. I look away blushing once again. "No need to look away, its all yours. Just like you are ours" Ken says cheekily. I laugh and start putting my clothes on also, only for Ian to smack my ass. I smack his chest but continue getting ready.

Once we get back to the pack house, I get out of the truck and walk inside wondering what he wants. When I get inside I ask Lucas in a annoyed voice, "Where is he?" He points toward my office I nod my head and go to my office. "What do you want? I was having a good sleep before you got Lucas to call me." I ask him.

"I cut the bond off me and Vanessa." He says.

"And I should care why?" I ask in a bitchy tone. What? He shouldn't have woken me up. Like I said before I love my sleep. And anyways him cutting off his bond with Vanessa will not make me want him so why is he telling me this.

"Seeing you mated is hurting my wolf so much. He hates me now." He says sadly. "So I want to hand over  my pack to you and start over freshly. I want to go away and look for my second chance mate. Maybe I'll come back when I find her but I wont expect my pack back. I'm not even a good Alpha anyways. I just want my own happily ever after." He confesses.

"Okay. On one condition." I say. He looks at me confused.

"Yeah. Anything." He says, still confused as to why I would have a condition when he is the one leaving and handing over the pack.

"When you find her, tell her everything. Because if I was her I wouldn't care about your past as long as you made it right. But it would hurt her really badly if you didn't and she found out by someone else." I say to him truthfully. I am really happy he is going to do this though. Not because the pack will be all mine but because hes trying to make his life better. 

"Deal, I was going to tell her everything anyways." He says putting his hand out to shake. I shake his hand and feel no sparks. He really has changed for the good. I smile, now he has a chance like I did. "I Jake Robertson give my pack fully to you Alex Nicole." He says.

"I Alex Nicole take and accept your pack Jake Robertson to keep safe and protected." I say. I suddenly feel like my mind has a lot more added to it. Hear a ton of thought. I re-put my mind-block up and sighed in relief, my head doesn't feel like it is going to explode anymore. "Once you find you mate, you are always welcomed back here. I want to meet her." I say while he is leaving. "But don't you want to say bye to the pack?" I ask.

"Did last night while you were busy." He chuckles at my blush. 

"I Jake Robertson detach myself from the SilverStone Pack." He says, he puts his hand on his heart and gasps. It is kind of painful to detach yourself from you pack. He soon recovers and breaths in and out softly, his heart rate going back to normal.

"I wish you luck, I'll keep you room the same for when you come back." I say, then see him leave.

When I leave the office I see my mates sitting on the couch in the waiting room. They rush over to me when they see me leave the office, "What did he want? Why did he have all of his stuff when he left? Why did we feel more people added to the link?"

"He looking for his second chance mate. He gave the pack to me. He might be back when he finds her." I say, answering all their questions. The mouth makes an O shape. "Well I'm tired, it is 6:20, so lets go back to bed." And that's what we do. 

"Ekkkk." Is what I hear when I walk out of my office for the first time today, a while later. I am then tackled to the ground by hyperventilating squealing girls. "You bitch" Nicole is able to say through her squeals. "You mated them sexy mother fuckers." They squeal once again, I think they broke my ear drums. I moan and cover my ears with my hands.

"Yes, yes, yes. We mated. No need to break my damn ear drums and my ass." I say, "You guys are fat, now get off me." They growl at me, not liking I called them fat. I just laugh. I get up, but wince, I really think they broke my butt. And I tell them that, "I thing you bitches broke my butt."

"Why didn't you tell us you were going to mate? We would have made you look super smoking hot and sexy." Ava smirks

"I totally knew I would be mated by the next day. Its totally something you plan." I say sarcastically. "And its not like you guys warned me or even told me, I didn't know until a while after." They snicker.

"That's your fault you didn't use your nose when we were around you."

"Lets go for a run." I say to Ian and Ken later that night. Right now it is about seven O'Clock and the sun is about to set. If we want to see it we will have to hurry."Rosa wants to see and meet your wolves and so do I. I also want to see the sun set."

"Yeah Issac wants to meet Rosa." Ian says, "He has been bothering me for a while now."

"Kenny also." Ken says.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I ask, they shrug their shoulders. "Okay. So its settled. Lets go watch the sun set and let our wolves free."

We all get up and go outside. I go behind a tree then take off my clothing and shift. I walk out from behind the tree to see Ian and Kens wolves. Their beautiful. Kens wolf has light brown fur with a white stripe going straight down his back. Ian's wolf is a pitch black with nothing else on him. I cant wait to see them in the moon light. 

I motion my head toward the pond and we take off. Ready to begin our peaceful evening.

Soon we get there and see the sun is starting to set. I let Rosa have full control of my body. Let her have her fun and enjoy the company of our mates. I see through my mates eyes that they let their wolves have control of their body also.  I watch my mates lay down next to each other with a space between them. A space for me to cuddle with them. I waddle over to them and curl up to their side.

You can see the sun in the pond going from the bright glowing yellow to the blue shining moon, the outline of our wolves in the shadow of the pond. We watched the sky go from light blue to red and orange to dark blue. It was beautiful and peaceful. I felt the wind blowing through my fur and could smell and hear nature surrounding us.

We just sat there for I don't even know how long, watching the sun set, enjoying each others company. I gave them a wolfie smile and licked their faces, feeling extremely happy right now.

"Lets head in, its getting cold." Ian says through the mind link. I nod toward him and we trot back to the house. Once we shift and go inside everyone is asleep. I look at the clock to see it is 1:00 in the morning. Wow we were outside for a long time. So we soundlessly walk to our room, not wanting to wake anyone up. "Thank you for accepting our family into your pack today, princess."

"Your family is my family." I managed to say before I fell asleep. A sleep full of dreams of family and happiness.

"So what are you planning on naming the baby?" Ava asks Amy and Luke the next day. I look at them curiously like other people, wondering the same thing. I am currently laying across Ian and Kens lap on the community couch, making conversation with everyone in the living room. Everyone that passes the living room, looks at us happily, happy because their Alpha is in a happy, loving relationship.

"Well we thinking of the names Naomi Marie and Damon ." Lucas says. "But we are a little sketchy on the name Damon." I nod my head in agreement. Its not like I don't like the name but it does not sound good with the last name Sullivan.

"I like the name Devin?" Jess says. We all shake our head no. That does not sound good either.

"What about Asher?" I ask.

"Asher Sullivan. I like how it sounds." Amy says smiling at me. "What about you Luke?"

He pecks her lips, "I love it. What about his middle name?"

"I like Dane, Nash, or James?" Ian suggests, "They sound pretty good with the name. You could go with James and name him after your dad."

"Asher James Sullivan." Luke tests it out, then smiles, "I like it."

I got my phone out and looked up the names Asher and Naomi, "It says the name Asher means blessed. And the name Naomi means pleasantness. I think those are beautiful choices and meanings. Perfect for your children."

They smile too, Lucas says to Amy, "Now I like it even more. Our children will have special names and be special."

"I like the sound of that, our children." Amy replies. 

"And I like seeing you growing with our children. You belly big and round nurturing our kids." Lucas replies softly in her ear with a small smile looking down at her huge, but still growing belly. She smiles at him. Their so cute together. 

I smile at them, then look up at my mates, "I want that someday. The feeling of carrying your children." I say through the mind-link. 

They look down at me. "I do too." Ian says

"We want to see you growing big and glowing with out baby or possibly babies."Ken finishes for Ian.

"We will after the wedding. I want to be able to fit in the brides-maid dress." I say giggling, they look down at me and nod their head. 

"Only two weeks left until the wedding." Ian says

"Yep, then I'm all yours." I say.

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