Life as the Rejected One

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 4 Jun 2015
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"HA!" he laughed, " Your my mate, haha. The moon goddess
messed it up this time. Me? Your mate?. That's really funny.
Who would want you?" I was full on sobbing by now.
"b-b-but i'm your m-mate!" I sobbed out to him. "Lets get
straight to the point, yeah? I Jake Robertson , Alpha of the
BloodMoon Pack, Reject the Alex Nicole as my Mate and
Luna forever and always" He harshly whispered, so no one
in the pack could hear, I guess I'm just an embarrassment to
him and everyone else.


27. A/N Characters


Alex is the main character of this book. She is the alpha of the SilverStone Pack. She is a Girl. She has Naturally straight, Now died light brown with a lot of layers. Blue eyes. Tall and muscular. Alex is a Werewolf. She is Smart, sweet,  kind at heart, and Protective. She Loves the color black. Her first Mate rejected her(Jake). Rosa-wolf with white fur- is her wolf. Her name is Alex Nicole. Now she has twin mates Ian and Ken.


His Nickname is Luke. He is the Beta of the SilverStone Pack. He is the Mate of Amy and Ava's brother. He has Short Brown hair, green eyes. Tall and muscular. He is a Werewolf, Liam-wolf with light brown fur- is his wolf. He is very Protective with a short fuse, also Hard on the outside, but a big softie on the inside. His name is Lucas Mason Sullivan. He is close with Alex. He is getting married.


Ava is Lucas' sister. She has Long, straight Black hair (Now shoulder length, with little layers and bangs.) She has Green eyes and is Short and Petite. She is Sweet and smart. She is a Werewolf, Eva- wolf with brass colored fur- is her wolf. Ava is a Book worm. Her name is Ava Ann Sullivan.


Mickey is his nickname. He is Mated to Carrie. He is the 3RD in command of the SilverStone Pack. He has Black hair that covers his forehead, with chocolate brown eyes. Also Tall and muscular. He is a Werewolf, Matthew-wolf with golden fur- is his wolf. He is very Thoughtful.


Nate is his nickname. He is the Pack Healer of SilverStone Pack. He has Dirty blonde hair that covers his forehead with greenish, blueish eyes. He is Tall and muscular. He is a Werewolf, Damian-wolf with black fur- is his wolf. He is Smart and thoughtful. He is the Doctor of the SilverStone pack. He is Mated to Jess. His best friend is Michael. 


Xavier Used to be Alpha of SilverStone Pack. He has Short black hair with green eyes and Tall. He has a Bad temper and very protective of the ones he loves. He is a Werewolf, Mason-wolf with black fur- is his wolf. He is Mated to Peyton and Alex's adoptive dad. 


She is Lucas' mate and beta female. She has Light, straight brown hair (Now tips blonde) with grey eyes. She is Short and petite. She is a Werewolf, Annabelle-Wolf with auburn fur- is her wolf. Her name is Amy Megan Hunter. She is currently Pregnant. Her best friend is Jess. She is getting married.


Carrie is her nickname. She is mated to Michael. She has Straight, Medium brown with a tint of blonde) with blue eyes. She is also tall. She is a Werewolf, Naomi- wolf with tan fur- is her wolf.


Jess is her nickname. She is Nathan's mate. She is the 3RD in command female. She has Bright red, curly hair with grey eyes. She is Short and petite. She is a Werewolf, Piper- Wolf with brown fur- is her wolf. Her best friend is Amy.


She is Xavier's mate, and used to be Luna of SilverStone Pack. She is a Human She has brown hair with dark blue eyes. She is Very short and petite


She is the rogue that Alex invites into the pack and becomes friends with.  She has Hazel eyes with glasses. Dark brown hair with blonde tips, and is Tallish. She is Smart, shy, Hyper and childish. She is a Werewolf, Violet-Wolf with blonde fur- is her wolf. Her name is Nicole Hoover


He is Alex's brother. He is the Beta(BloodMood.) He has Short Black hair, with Blue eyes. He is also Tall and Muscular. He is a Werewolf, Jaxon- Wolf with tan fur- is his wolf. He is Regretful of his past. His name is Jace Nicole


He is Alex's mate that rejected her. He is the Alpha(BloodMoon). He is Short Blonde hair with Grey eyes. He is Tall and muscular. He is a Jerk and Somewhat regretful of past. He is a Werewolf, Dean-Wolf with black fur- is his wolf. He left the pack for a while to look for his second chance mate, but soon comes back when he fails to find her. he finds his mate in the pack, her name is Sam.


He is Jake's friend, boy, 3RD in command of BloodMoon Pack


He is the Old SilverStone Pack beta. He is Lucas and Ava's dad, and Cece's mate


She is Ava and Luke's mom, and James mate. She Used to be SilverStone pack beta female.

BloodMoon Pack=

This pack is Second strongest pack in the world, with 400 members, and combined with SilverStone Pack.

SilverStone Pack=

This pack is The strongest pack in the world with 600 Members, and Combined with BloodMoon Pack.


He is a Werewolf. He is Nicole's mate. He is African American, Tall and Muscular. Has a A Tattoo and ear ring. He has Short black hair, with chocolate brown eyes. He is A weirdo. His Nickname from Nicole is Alien. His Nickname to Nicole is Kitty. Gavin-Wolf with dark brown fur- is his wolf.


He is a Werewolf, and Ava's mate. He has Dirty blonde hair, with dark Blue eyes, Tall and buff,. He has a Bad temper. Jack-Wolf with tan fur- is his wolf. He has no family, they died in a rogue attack. His best friend is Ditte and when she got disowned he came with her.


He is Alex's mate 1/2. He is Sweet. He has Brown hair, with ocean blue eyes. Muscular and Tall. He is a Werewolf. He Nicknames Alex Sweets Or sweetheart. Kenny-Wolf with light brown fur- is his wolf. He has Alpha blood. His family was thought to be dead because of a rogue attack on his pack but they are newly found now.


He is a Werewolf, Alex's mate 1/2.. He has Golden eyes with brown hair. He is Tall and muscular. He is Protective with a Temper. He Nicknamed Alex Princess. Issac-Wolf with pitch black fur- is his wolf. He has Alpha blood. His family was thought to be dead because of a rogue attack on his pack but they are newly found now.


She is Jace's mate. Her parents disowned her because she did not get the werewolf gene. Her best friend is Jacob. She is Short & curvy, with  Blonde hair that is down to her butt. She has Green eyes. She is a Human but knows about werewolves

He is the Grandfatherly figure to Nicole. He has Grey hair, a pot belly, with Brown eyes, and is shortish. He is 60 to 70 years of age. He is a Werewolf. He is a Softie.


 Her mate is Brad. Her sons are Ian and Ken. Her daughter is Mac. She used to be a Luna, but her pack got killed in a rogue attack. She, her mate, and her daughter were thought to be dead by their sons. She is a sweet and thoughtful werewolf. She has short layered blonde hair, with light blue eyes. She is very short and skinny.


Her brothers are Ian and Ken. Her parents are Nancy and Brad. Her nickname is Mac. She is a werewolf with Alpha blood in her. She was thought to be dead because of an rogue attach that killed her pack. She has long evenly layered brown hair. She has light blue eyes with golden specks in them. She is tall and very skinny. She is lesbian and is mated to Ria.


His mate is Nancy. His sons are Ian and Ken. His daughter is Mac. He was thought to be dead because of a rouge attack on his pack. He used to be an Alpha. He has short brown hair with golden eyes. He is very tall and buff.

Naomi Marie Sullivan=

She is Amy and Lucas baby. Her grandparents are James and Cece. Her godparents are Jess and Nate. Her Aunt is Ava. She has bleach blonde hair, grey eyes, and puckered lips. She is a tiny baby, born second- after her twin. She is a very quiet baby. 

Asher James Sullivan=

He is Amy and Lucas baby. He is named after Lucas' dad James. His grandparents are James and Cece. His godparents are Alex, Ken, and Ian. His Aunt is Ava. He has brown hair, green eyes, is chubby, has puckered lips, and is loud and obnoxious. He is a chubby baby.


King of rogues. Wants Alex's pack and kidnapped her to get it. Cruel. He has no mate, no family, and no children. He is a werewolf. He has jet black hair that cascades down his forehead, with ugly dull brown eyes. 


Liam Roy Bryson. He is named after Alex's birth dad. He was born first, has the Alpha blood. He is chubby, has dark brown hair, with golden eyes. He is Alex and Ian's baby. His grandparents are Peyton, Xavier and Brad, Nancy. His godparents are Nicole and Gabin.


Dante Xavier Bryson. He is names after Alex's adoptive dad. He was born second.He has dark brown hair with blue eyes, and is chubby. He is Alex and Ken's baby. His grandparents are Peyton, Xavier and Brad, Nancy. His Godparents are Amy and Lucas.


Abigail Ivy Bryson. She is named after Alex's birth mom. She was born last. She has bleach blonde hair with blue eyes. She is a very tiny baby. Her grandparents are Peyton, Xavier and Brad, Nancy. Her godparents are Ava and Jacob.


She looks shy at first but is really loud and hyper when you get to know her and she gets used to you. She loves to paint, read, play sports, and draw. Her favorite color is purple. She is really girly, but not the slutty type. Her wolfs name is Kat and she is a pure white wolf. She has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes and medium height. She is mated to Logan.


Sam is just as hyper, but way more lazy and less into sports as Ashlee. She loves to run though. Her favorite color is blue. When she has free time all she want to do is hang with her friends and watch movies. She is a movie maniac. Her wolfs name is Sally and her wolfs fur is tan colored. She is petite with black hair that goes down to her knees and vibrant blue eyes. She is really short. She is mated to Jake.


Her real name is Lillie and her middle name is Ria, but she thinks her first name is too girly for her so she goes by her middle name. Ria is a quiet girl but when she does talk she is a smart ass and very sarcastic. She is fun and loves to prank people. Her favorite color is black. Music is her live, she like older generation music, hard rock, and scream-o. She is a lesbian. Her wolfs name is Lillian and her fur color is pitch black. She has dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and is short. She is mated to Mac.


He is a very shy, and quiet guy. He just watches from the side lines and observes. He has been in the pack since birth. His wolves name is Luck, and the color of his fur is light brown. He is very tall, and buff, a pack warior. His hair is colored light brown and his hair floats on his forehead. He has light green eyes. All his features read strong, yet kind. He is mated to Ashlee.

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