Little Miss Levine


8. Chapter 8

***Fastforward to February***

(My POV)

It was Valentine's Day. How nice. I was single. How nice. Everyone had a date tonight. How nice. This is how it was every year. But this year was different in a couple of ways. Jason had a date. Normally we sat with Lupe and watched TV. Lupe had a date too, so I couldn't hang out with him. The worst part was that I couldn't stay at home, locked up in my room because my dad had a date. A stupid model. Well, not everyone had a date. That's why I was going to Jesse's house.

"Hey.", I said glumly, walking through the door.

"Hey.", everyone sitting around the coffee table repeated. It was Jesse, Matt, and Mickey.

"I figured you had a date.", I said to Mickey, sitting down beside him.

"I've been single since before we met. Did you think I could snag someone?", he asked.

"I thought you all could snag someone.", I laughed.

We all watched those sad, terribly plotted romance movies on TV for a while.

"Ugh. I wanna do something!", I whined.

"You wanna go watch couples be all mushy-mushy as they walk through the city?", Matt said sarcastically.

"I want to go eat! I want Mexican. Like some nachos. Oh my god, that sounds so good!", I said.

"We could go to that restaurant where no one else goes even though they have nice food.", Jesse proposed. "They have chicken nachos just like you like.", he finished.

"Let's go!", Matt exclaimed

We ate in peace. There were no couples there. There was a guy with his computer playing World of Warcraft, if you would like to call that a couple. We all shared what I thought was the best plate of chicken nachos I've ever had.

"Why did you assume I would have a date tonight?", Mickey asked as we got into the car.

"I just did! I'm sorry for saying anything, I didn't realize you were going to be so sensitive about it.", I replied, irritated that he wouldn't get over it.

"Oh. Okay.", he said simply.

"Hey! Pull into the Food World parking lot. I have an idea.", I squealed.

Jesse pulled in and stopped. There was absolutely no one there and it was so quite.

"Okay, we are going to have a little bit of fun even if we aren't on a date on Valentine's Day.", I said.

"Um, if we're doing what I think you mean, I don't think Adam will be too happy with us.", Mickey joked, then started laughing at his own perverted humor.

I rolled my eyes and smiled, because I loved how childish he was.

"Just watch.", I said, climbing into a shopping cart. "Push me!", I yelled.

"What?", Jesse questioned. "That's dangerous!"

"Danger is the point, Jess. We are recreating a Jackass moment.", I grinned.

"Sounds fun.", Matt said, as he pushed me as hard he could, sending me across the parking lot.

I reached a curb that almost threw me out of the buggy. I rode back to the guys on the cart. They were all laughing and carrying on.

"My turn!", Mickey jumped into the cart. I laughed and Jesse and Matt gave him a shove. We watched as he sailed across the lot. He came to a halt at the curb.

"Matt? Jesse?", I offered.

"No, thanks! I'm too old for that.", Matt protested. Then I looked towards Jesse.

"Do I look like I want to die today?",he replied. I burst out in laughter.

"Let's just go.", he said, getting slightly annoyed.

"Thanks for ruining the fun.", Mickey said as he and I got into the back. Jesse just rolled his eyes.

(Jesse's POV)

We drove around for a good amount of time before we went home. We drove by Adam's house and saw that both his and his date's cars were parked in front.

"Someone's getting some tonight.", Matt said.

"Just as long as they're safe. We don't need anymore kids that we don't find out about for years.", I replied, half joking. Matt laughed.

"They probably won't be as good as her. Adam got lucky that his kid was raised right when he wasn't there to raise her.", he acknowledged. We knew that she was asleep. But if she was awake, she would just agree with us.

"You know he probably would've screwed her up somehow. She probably wouldn't be as smart as she is. Her mom is a doctor, you know. And the ability to solve problems is inherited. So, she obviously got that from he mother.", I implied.

"She did get screwed up. But no one knows it. She told me that first night she was here.", he looked at me.

"What do you mean by that? Does Adam know?", I asked.

"Yeah, she told him. She cuts. Or she used to. She is 4 months clean. She covers them up with makeup when she doesn't wear long sleeves. I didn't say anything about it, but when she was wearing shorts the other night, I noticed that she had some scars on her thighs too. She has tried to kill herself a few times since her mom kicked her out.", he explained.

"What did she do?", I questioned.

"She tried to overdose. She got close, too. She had to be rushed to the hospital because Lupe found her.", he informed.

"And she told you all this?"


The rest of the ride was silent. We pulled in and Mickey and Jolie were both asleep.

"Should we wake them up?", I asked.

"How the hell else are we going to get them inside?", he answered. He had a point. "Okay, just scream at the top of your lungs on 3."

"1...2...3!", I counted. They both jerked awake.

"Dickheads...", Jolie said sleepily. Mickey just rolled his eyes and got out.

We were all asleep not long after we got inside. None of us had a date, but we all had a pretty awesome time.

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