Little Miss Levine


6. Chapter 6

(My POV)

I heard quite talking and a news reporter on the television. I reached to the floor and picked up my phone to check the time.

"Goodmorning.", I heard Adam say.

"Goodmorning.", I replied, my head under the covers. "I've got to go to work!", I shot up. I found that James, Mickey, and Jesse were already back. It was only 7:20am. I got my bag and went to the bathroom to get a shower and get ready.

"It's cold outside!", Adam reminded me through the door.

"Duh, it January!", I said. I threw on an orange sweatshirt that read "Channel Orange". Frank Ocean was one my favorite solo artists. I wore ankle skinny denim jeans and black high tops converse. Those were pretty much the only shoes I wore. Not because I didn't have anymore. I had a closet full of shoes. Because when my first stepdad actually acted like he was happy to be spending time with me, he bought me those for Christmas. It meant a lot to me. They weren't just a pair of shoes.

"I don't know when I'll be back. I've got to get some stuff done after work. And plus I think someone needs some more alcohol!", I laughed because only Matt knew what I meant. He laughed and rolled his eyes.

"Get your own bottle!", he joked.

"Here's your key inside, and here's my phone number if you need me. Be careful. LA is dangerous!", Adam said in a panic.

"Adam, calm down. I'll be just fine. I'll be back later.", I assured him as I walked out of the door.

"Hey, Chanel. I haven't seen you in a long time!", I said to the receptionist as I walked in

"Hey. Let me buzz you in. Rob said he wants you in his office.", she told me. I walked through the doors which led into the little skate area. Well, really, with Rob in charge, anything goes on there. I walked to his office and tapped on the thick glass door. He motioned for me to come in.

"Hey! Glad to have you working for me now. You'll have Chris' old office. You know how everything works, so just get to it!"

"Oh, alright. How long do I have to work?", I asked.

"You're off at 3.", he answered.

It was a short work day. Rob gave me my paycheck that day, only because he knew the money situation I was in. "Go get that cashed on your way home.", he said.

(Adam's POV)

Jolie came rushing through the front door. "I got paid!", she was almost in tears. I didn't know if she was sad or happy about it.

"That's good, right?", I asked.

"Rob paid me today because he knows the money situation I'm in. And I get paid before I fight, so I got a check for that too. I'll get more if I win. I paid everything I owed to my dentist that insurance doesn't cover, I paid my hospital bills, I paid to get my other car out of storage. And I still have 7 grand left! What do I do with it? I've never had this much money at one time.", she said. She had this smile on her face that made me so happy.

"Well, I don't care what you do with it. Just don't spend any yet. I'm taking you shopping sometime this week because I never payed your mom a dime while she had you and I think I should spend everything I would've spent on you."

"Adam, you really don't need to do that. I would rather you not.", she said.

"Oh well, I'm going to."

"Okay then. Hey, can you help me get some stuff out of my car?", she asked.

"Of course!", I replied.

After we got the boxes out I asked if we all could go through them. She said she hoped someone would ask.

"Aww! You were so cute!", I said as I pulled out baby pictures of my long-lost child.

"Oh. My. God. You were a mega fan. You were a freaking mega fan.", Mickey said as he pulled things out of a box labeled 'Maroon 5'.

"Slide that over here!", Matt said, sitting on the floor beside Jolie.

"Wow! Did you have this made?", he asked, holding a shirt that had everyone on it,including Sam, PJ, Ryan, Fred, and Shawn,

"Yeah...", she blushed.

"Hey, who is this?", I asked.

"Oh. That's my mom. I may or may not have stolen most of those pictures when she kicked me out.", she acted like she was paying more attention to what was coming out of other boxes than to what I had.

"Come over here." She came and sat next to me. "You never told me that you got kicked out."

"I thought she told you. The first time I talked to her in over a year was when she told me about... You.", she explained, not looking directly at me. Everyone in the room was focused on her. She had her knees drawn up to her chest and her arms and chin rested there.

"Why'd she throw you out?", I questioned.

"Things were happening. I had tried things. No, that doesn't make sense. Do you want the long story or the short story?", she finally looked up.

"The long story."

"Then we'll talk about it later", she sighed. Did I really just do that? I went where I shouldn't have too soon. That was obviously something she didn't want to talk about at all. Why the hell did I have to ask? I knew she didn't want to talk about her mom.

"Hey! I got you something for tomorrow!", I mentioned to try and get off the touchy subject.

"Oh yeah! Mickey and I went with him.", Jesse smirked.

(My POV)

Adam came out of the hallway back into living room with a black bag. I just smiled with curiosity. Mickey went into one of his fits of laughter before Adam even handed me the bag. Jesse and Matt sat there smiling. Adam gave me the bag and smiled wide. I opened it and pulled out an electric blue sports bra and spandex shorts that read "Levine" on the back.

"This is awesome.", I laughed. "Thanks. So you do want me to change my name?", I asked.

"Yes, yes. Didn't Liv Tyler change her name when she found out about Steven?", he asked.

"Oh, you're right.", I answered.

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