Little Miss Levine


3. Chapter 3

I drove from Alabama to Los Angeles the first week of January. I drove almost across country in a '67 Volkswagen bug, by myself. Yes, I understood this was dangerous. No, I didn't care. I was to the point that if the front bumper fell off, and I died in a tragic accident, I wouldn't care.

I had Adam's address in my GPS. I pulled into his driveway, where 3 other cars were. His house was huge. I assumed all of these cars couldn't be his. There was a nice garage connected to the huge home. It was raining quite a good bit. I leaned into the back and got one of my bags. I pulled hard on my seatbelt and stepped out. Someone came running out of the front door with an umbrella as I opened the hood to get another bag, since the engine is in the back.

"Can I help you with that?", I heard a man's voice say.

I turned around and looked up at him. It was Jesse Carmichael. I wondered why Adam didn't come out here to help. I was his daughter, not Jesse 's.

"Sure. That'd be nice.", I smiled and shook his hand. He grabbed a bag and held the umbrella over us as we walked to the front door. The door slung open as soon as we stepped on the porch.

"Hi.", Adam said shakily before pulling me into an embrace, not giving me a chance to respond.

"Um, Adam.", Jesse said, getting his attention.

"Oh, right... Come in! This is your new home, after all.", Adam smiled nervously.

I could hear people talking and papers rustling somewhere in the house.

"Now, your name is Jolie, right?", he asked.

"Yeah, but you can call me Jay. That's what most people call me.", I replied.

"Is that self-proclaimed?", he asked.

"No. My manager just kind of started calling me that one day.", I told him as we stood in a doorway to a room full of people.

Everyone looked up from piles of paper going into a box. Jesse made his way past us and took a seat on the couch.

"Make yourself comfortable.", Adam said.

"Um, you first.", I said with a hint of a nervous laugh.

Adam laughed and sat down. I sat in between Jesse and Mickey on the sofa.

"Now I would assume from your Maroon 5 wristband and car decal that you know our names?", Jesse laughed.

"Oh... I guess I kinda forgot to take those off.", I blushed.

"So you're a fan?", James asked, sitting across from me.

"Well, after I found out that Adam was my dad I took down all my posters and put anything related to them in a box, which is in my car.", I said as I slid the bracelet into my pocket.

"Why'd you do that?", Mickey asked me.

"I thought it was kind of weird. Because, you know... Worshiping the band that my biological father is the lead singer of? Isn't that kind of strange?", I looked at him because I felt James staring into me.

"Yeah, I guess so. After it stops raining so hard, can we see all of the merchandise and stuff you have?", Mickey asked.

"Sure, why not?", I smiled. I could already tell that Mickey was my favorite.

"Hey, where's Matt? Doesn't he want to meet Jolie?", James said to Adam.

"He went out. He'll be home soon.", Adam said to James before directing his words to me. "Matt is living with us. He just went through a pretty rough divorce and he won't be able to see his kids again. His ex-wife bribed the judge because she doesn't want Matt to have anything to do with them."

"That's terrible. My mom and dad were divorced. I feel bad for his kids. It was always something going on to make me feel like shit. You know, I've met Matt a few times. Does he know that I'm your daughter? Like, did you tell him about what I do? He's been to some of my fights and he watches me on YouTube.", I said.

"Some of your fights? What do you mean by that? I'm sorry, but I don't even know what you do.", Adam said.

"Oh... I guess my mom didn't tell you. I'm in the women's league for fighting. Not wrestling, fighting. Big difference between the two. Matt has seen me a few times. It's kind of funny, because I remember the first time he came to watch. I was really nervous because it was the actual Matt Flynn, drummer of Maroon 5 watching me fight. I ran up to him afterwards like 'I know you're probably busy trying to leave but can I have a picture? I'm a huge fan.' He said he was looking for me to ask for a picture too. That made my day. Well, really more than my day," I explained.

"And you have a vlog?", Jesse asked.

"I have 2, to be exact. My best friend and I have one together. He was living with my manager and I, and he's still going to live with Lupe. And my main one is the one I do by myself, which is the one Matt said he watches. By the way, what are all these papers?", I said as I grabbed one out of the box in the middle of everyone.

"Um, well, I was trying to put those up before you got here. I didn't think it was appropriate.", Adam implied. I looked at the paper in my hand. They were all mini posters and pictures of Victoria's Secret Angels and Sports Illustrated models.

"Oh come on! Give me something to look at! I like girls, too.", I smiled.

"You're bisexual? Or just lesbian? W-wait. You're what?", Adam asked. Mickey's eyes went wide.

"That was unexpected.", Jesse said blandly.

"I guess you could say I'm bisexual. I've never really, you know, dated. I've never dated a guy or a girl. But who doesn't like boobs?", I asked.

"She has a point. Everyone likes boobs.", Mickey said.

"You've never dated? Ever?", Adam asked.

"No,never. I've never been asked out. It's not that bad. But you probably wouldn't understand,because you seem unable to stay single for a long a amount of time.", I shot back.

"Do you need some ice?", Jesse asked Adam. "Because I think you got burned!", Mickey yelled in a fit of laughs.

"I'll have you know that I'm single right now! She broke up with me though.", Adam confronted all of us as if he was making himself look good.

"Oh, I'm sure she did break up with you first.", Mickey said, still laughing, but this time it was at his own humor.

"I give it 72 hours.", James said.

Then a door slammed.

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